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What's a new CTO to do?

By boi1der ·
I wanted to get some feedback on this issue, since I know there are some CTO's on the board...especially AMCOL.

I'm about to take a position as a CTO for a large municipal government. As a primer, I know nothing about their evironment, so I have to get up to speed pretty fast. What are some of the questions that I should be asking from day 1? What are some of the things that I should be doing in the first few months?

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CTO First Day

by BFilmFan In reply to What's a new CTO to do?

Documentation of the environment with network schematics.

Disaster reovery plans.

Licenses for installed software.

Operating budget for last year.

Growth plans.

Good luck!

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Send me a PM

by amcol In reply to What's a new CTO to do?

I'll be happy to talk with you about this offline. I'm also in DC.

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Amcol...PM link dimmed

by boi1der In reply to Send me a PM

For some reason, the link to send you a PM is not active.

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So its like this

by ashleyreddy In reply to Amcol...PM link dimmed

Ok these people hired you because you were (hopefully) a good fit for the organization. That assumes that you are familair with the environment. When your there your first day LISTEN! Talk to your employees you will find common patterns. When you join an organization like that the first think you want to do is to hit a few home runs. Find weak proceses/people and fix the problems. Remember as CTO you have a feducary responsiblity to your company. Overtime take ownership of the systems there YOURS! The buck stops at you! I didnt mean this to sound like a sermon and I didnt mean to gloss over the details but there is only so much that can be said for such a high level question.

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by Hockeyist In reply to What's a new CTO to do?

I did some research for a CTO role last year. I came across an interesting document on the role.
The documet is titled The Chief Technology Officer: Strategic Responsibilities and Relationships, and can be found here.'The%20Chief%20Technology%20Officer%3A%20Strategic%20Responsibilities%20and%20Relationships'

and another here'The%20Chief%20Technology%20Officer%3A%20Strategic%20Responsibilities%20and%20Relationships'

Knowing where the role came from and its purpose will help. From what I can understand a CTO looks at ways that the business can make/save money from IT (as opposed to a CIO who looks at internal systems).

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