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    What’s a proxy server?


    by tchieng ·

    Can someone explain to me what a proxy server is and does? Is it just another term for firewall or what? If not, what are the differences between the two?


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      What’s a proxy server?

      by phinaddict ·

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      basically proxy and firewall are the same. What they are intended for is to give an administrator a way to block incomming or outgoing traffic. You can do filtering and logging and monitor where people go on the internet as well as who is coming in. You can block or open ports to your socks or winsocks depending on what you need. A great site for MS proxy 2.0 is

      Good luck

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      What’s a proxy server?

      by mb506565 ·

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      Difference si that is proxy is meant as an buffer mechanism for freq. used pages. It can perform filtering/blocking and translating of TCP/IP addresses. A firewall just does the last thng. As you can expect proxy software will get more and more firewall capebilities and firewall software can buffer data. This all is vendor dependant.


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      What’s a proxy server?

      by jamiec ·

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      In it’s most basic form, Proxy software allows multiple users to access the internet over one connection. You could have one computer with a connection to the internet attached to a LAN, and other computers on the LAN could “surf” through that “Proxy Server”. Most proxy software has some firewall capabilities built in, but generally for the best protection you’d want a full firewall solution.

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      What’s a proxy server?

      by i.brew2 ·

      In reply to What’s a proxy server?

      A proxy server acts as a link in a chain between you and the website you want to see. There are two main types, ones that cache away thousands of frequently used files so that you can view them quicker than if you went all the way to the actual web server, and those that are used to hide your real identity from the end web server. For more info just search for open proxy servers or public proxy servers, or visit

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