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    Whats better?


    by wtesch ·

    I have roadrunner now ,and I am thinking about going with SBC Yahoo DSL I am thinking about going with the deluxe package, which is 768Kbps-1.5Mbps 256Kbps. can any one tell me if I am making a big mistake by doing this. Please get back to me at Thank you

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      Whats better?

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Whats better?

      I don’t know anything about Road-Runner.

      I have had SBC (standard $29.99 package) for almost a year now with no issues.

      I did a self install, and installed a commercial DSL/POTS splitter on the incoming phone line.

      I kept my dial-up accountas a backup, but have not dialed in for months.

      If road-runner is also a DSL package, be prepared for the possibility of a long changeover time.
      I have heard that it can take up to 3 months to switch DSL providers.


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      Reply To: Whats better?

      by hugo phurst ·

      In reply to Whats better?

      I had RR then by Cable Co. (COX No. VA) got rid of them and does it themselves. DSL is avail in my area now last 2 yrs but was happy. Are you saying RoadRunner or Yahoo provides DSL for $30? Besides bnuying a high speed modem for DSL (How much 4 that?) are there any other charges? Phone Company? Please explain. Cox charges 15 to rent a modem, and 39 for Cable 400MB. What do you all suggest.
      PS I tried to buy a DSL/Cable (Toshiba) Modem from Costco but had to return it. What works and how cheap?


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