What's happening to the EDM solution space?

By sknous ·
It appears that the so-called free-market is not so free anymore. There has been a massive shopping spree with IBM, Fidelity, SAS, etc buying the EDM solutions, removing the customer-centric approach that is easier afforded by a mid-sized company. I continue to hear stories that the prices are astronomical and solutions are much less flexible to intergrate. Worst yet, professional services fees are crushing Total Cost of Ownership. Can someone help me find a smaller company who is 'hungry' who has a great EDM solution?

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RE: What's happening to the EDM solution space?

by tjumina In reply to What's happening to the E ...

We are using a company Birch River Technologies ( They have developed a flexible technology that allows us to manage our own internal data hub to help centralize all of our data management activities across the enterprise. In addition, it externalizes the data definitions and rules from the applications giving us an advantage over our competitors with a timely market response.

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