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What's messed up here?

By thingzzz ·
here's the deal guys!

I have something wrong with my backgrnd colors on my computer.
I have 3 browsers in my computer and i have put in the links to the same webpage on different browsers. can you tell me how to correct the mistake. I thought it was the prbm with firefox but apparently not!

I have opened the same webpage in IE, firefox and in opera. Do you see the difference

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by NickNielsen In reply to What's messed up here?

As near as I can tell from the graphic, you are simply experiencing rendering differences between the three browsers.

What's the URL of the actual page you were viewing? If it's one of those 252-character jobs, use tinyurl to post it.

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That's more likely to be a problem with the page

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What's messed up here?

Either the HTML is not well formed and therefore ambiguous. In which case the browser's may treat it differently, or the page contains proprietry extensions, which haven't mapped across too well.

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thx and more info

by thingzzz In reply to What's messed up here?

hi N & T,

thx for that reply, but i took the 3 screen shots at the same time. so how cud the html be diff for IE and firefox and diff for Opera. I have a laptop and the backgrnd looks okie on that page.

I have come to the understanding that it is a setup with my computer. I am wondering where would the place to look to correct it. ( I opened up the windows Cd to reload windows and backgrnd on that looks funny too).

the webpage i was viewing is

what's the deal with tinyurl? can you enlighten me?

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If everything is looking weird

by NickNielsen In reply to thx and more info

There are a number of steps.
* Check the device settings for your display adapter and monitor.
* Update the drivers for the display adapter and the monitor. In my experience, bad or incorrect drivers often cause many display problems.

TinyURL ( shrinks this ( to this (

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OK a couple of points

by Deadly Ernest In reply to What's messed up here?

1. not all colours render the same in every browser, about 96% do. Also a lot depends upon how they designated the colour on the web page, they could have used the Hexidecimal cube colour system or the 256 colour names saystem "ff00dg as against Lightblue. Usually the use of the colour name will give the same result in all browsers.

This relates to the way the browsers read and render the code.

2. The actual webpage you're hitting is written in JavaScript - this is NOT html and can cause further problems, it is an MS code and has lots of little things that don't work properly with anything but MSIE. Although most renders OK in all browsers.

3. The wen page calss several other scripts, that call other scripts, that call the background image, and it aint much of an image anyway.

4. The different browsers may have different security setttings in the browser preferences. And that could affect what is called by the subsidsary scripts. In FF I have it set to show all images, and it shwos OK, when I change the setting to show images from ORIGINAL site only, not all the images show. The browser sees some of the secondary scripts as calling another web site, that will depend upon how they wrote the script.

NB From looking at the wbe site, I doubt this was written by a coding expert, probably by a graphics designer using some sort of software like a JavaScript version of Dreamweaver or Frontpage. If so then all sorts of bad script practices will be in there.

Bottom line, nothing wrong with your system. But you may have the preferences set differently between the browsers. So look in the menu bar for a heading Preferences, or Browser Set up or similar, adjust as you think fit.

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