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What's my title???

By Thorgirl ·
This is what I do....and I need a title and the boss says...just make one up, and so I need help.

I train about 300 users on windows nt, word, access, powerpoint, outlook and excel. I am also the exchange administrator, and I hope to be taking that lovely little test from microsoft to certify me. So, what would a good combination title be?????

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The obvious?

by generalist In reply to What's my title???

How about "IT Trainer & Exchange Administrator" as a start. It fits your job right now.

For the long term you could stretch it to "PC Network Administrator & Trainer" if it looks like you're headed that way.

If this doesn't help, then try looking up various IT job descriptions. I think I've seen a list of them somewhere on the web. Possibly one of the Commerce Department's sites.

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Or something suitably vague

by eBob In reply to The obvious?

like "Business Services Specialist", "End User Services Specialist" etc.

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Other options: Consultant

by generalist In reply to The obvious?

I thought about my own title and realized that if you add the word 'Consultant' to the mix you have a lot of options. It even fits an environment where people consult you about training and how to do things.

You could be a 'PC/Network Consultant' and cover anything that has to do with PCs or networks. And if you need to allow room for the title to grow, add levels to the name. (i.e. PC/Network Consultant I, PC/Network Consultant II, etc.)

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Specialist is a good word

by Gatherer In reply to Other options: Consultant

What about "Desktop Exchange Specialist."

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Desktop Exchange Specialist

by epepke In reply to Specialist is a good word

sounds like a carpenter who reconditions office furniture.

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Desktop Exchange Specialist

by Gatherer In reply to Desktop Exchange Speciali ...

Maybe even someone who trades desks and tells jokes on the street corner! LOL

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Personally, I like: "IT Goddess"

by admin In reply to What's my title???

Doesn't this suit what you do quite well?

If you ever want to read a great section on titles, check out the book "Orbiting The Giant Hairball" where one of Hallmarks top Executive's name's himself "Creative Anachronism" and re-invents a whole division bringing new financial success to a dying giant.

Anyway, I wish my boss would let me name my position :)

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by Thorgirl In reply to Personally, I like: "IT G ...
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It matters in the next life

by dksmith In reply to What's my title???

It does matter what your title is. So choose carefully, grasshopper.

I would avoid ?Trainer? in your title unless you have some sort of formal training background or certification. As a trainer, I take offense to some people calling themselves a trainer when all they do is show someone where to point and click. Sorry if I offended. IT people who assist others are invaluable, but not what is classified as a ?Trainer?. You?d get burned if you hyped that up in an interview and were soon expected to create and conduct formal classes, needs assessments, etc.

That aside: What other titles does your company ?offer? in the IT department? I to ask this, but have you contacted HR? They are good at the BS side of employment. They now all of the new buzz/key words for employment. The title might not mean something to you, but to the next guy down the street or at the other side of the interview table, it might be significant.

PS: Try to get some degree of the word MANAGER or ADMINISTRATOR in the title. That brings in the cash when it counts.

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choosing carefully

by Thorgirl In reply to It matters in the next li ...

yeah...i see what you mean. I am the formal trainer, but my job is expanding and I'm trying to get my users away from my handholding, so my classes will decrease as my other resposibilities increase. I love all these responses! I.T. Goddess has been has Technology Slayer (I sometimes use Buffy as an alias. Adding Administrator somewhere in there is a good idea. My HR dept. is pretty uncreative when it comes to IT. Thanks!

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