What's New in Window XP compared with Windows 2000?

By tail2top ·
As the title puts, I want to know what exact New Features in Windows XP compared with Windows 2000?
Espacially in Security aspects?
Thank you guys!

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thx, seanferd!

by tail2top In reply to New?

Thank you for your kind help.
I want to go to details:
we know IE 6.0, firewall were introduced to XP first,
I wonder is there anything else?

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You want us to tell you what's new....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to thx, seanferd!

... in a system that's 8 years old now and Microsoft has announced discontinued support for it?

Heck, even MS itself has dropped the web page part for XP of "What's New". It's no longer new. And, it never was an upgrade for Win2K. The two are completely different systems, although both are built on NTFS technology. One could compare the two systems side-by-side as a comparison. But, it's impossible to tell you "what's new".

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aha, old fashion?

by tail2top In reply to You want us to tell you w ...

I got it.
Maybe now it is the world of Vista and Seven.

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Not Really

by The Scummy One In reply to aha, old fashion?

it is just, nothing about XP is 'New' anymore and you are asking a lame question quite a few years late. MS has a website of the differences and things are well documented for XP. Why not take a visit there?

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Windows security center, drive encryption

by seanferd In reply to thx, seanferd!

a "home version" of an NT OS, system restore.

Hang around and you'll get some very vocal opinions on their relative merits.

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