Whats next Botnet Command and Control?

By deepayan.chanda ·
We have seen plenty of ways to do Botnet command and control in the past and it has evolved since then, so whats next and latest ways we are seeing for C&C, and how can we fight those ways.
Can gmail, yahoomail or any other mails services can be used for command and control, if yes then it could be the next generation of botnet command and control. And I believe it can be very much possible in comming days.

Can someone have some good thoughts on this?

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Whats next Botnet Command ...

But the SCSI Interface for my crystal ball broke years ago and I have been unable to replace it ever since.

So I'm not complete Crap at predicting the future.

But if you look very hard you may find one of those SCSI Interfaces for Crystal Balls on E-Bay but you'll have to outbid me and lots of other people to get one.

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Why would they move from the successful P2P method

by seanferd In reply to Whats next Botnet Command ...

to mailservers not under their control? And since mailservers are rather more limited as to what you can do with them, why not just use the tried and true method of using webservers or other generic/multipurpose servers?

I'm sure mailserver could be used, but why?

You could check with Dancho Danchev on the emerging trends, but how can anyone know what covert criminal enterprises are planning for the future?

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