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What's the best book to film sci-fi (or SF) transition and..

By Tony Hopkinson ·
What books would you like to see in film that would make the transition sensibly.

This sort of follows on from the Trivia Geek's Best SF franchise article.

I was trying to think of books in the genre that faithfully made it into film and pleased the readers.

I can think of some good films, but not many where the story line wasn't jazzed up somewhat or changed to the point where we wouldn't have recognised it without the title.

Epic disasters such as Dune for instance. Some of my favourite stories are dated now.
Eon for instance, background was the cold war...

Second War Of the Worlds, or maybe 2001 are all I can think of. SF, Fellowship Of the Ring is a stand out, but I liked Tom Bombadil and the following two make me want to punch someone out.

So a book that could be made successfully into a box office smash, without taking away what made the book great.

CJ Cherryh's Hellburner
Jerry Pournelle's King David's Space Ship
Anne McCaffrey's Dragon's Dawn
Niven and Pournelle's The Mote in God's Eye, for a CGI extravaganza.

Or a potential epic money spinner, for a tall attractive brunette.

David Weber's On Basilisk Station.

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Just thought of another , go retro

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What's the best book to f ...

AC Clarke's A fall of Moondust, just think what you could do with casting.

It would be like the old disaster movies, where you waited for the credits, because that guy's name was on the tip of your tongue

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Steven King's GunSlinger , Dark Tower series.

by tjason In reply to Just thought of another , ...

Western SciFi at its best!

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He lost it big style

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Steven King's GunSlinger ...

with Song For Susanna.

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If you could see what these eyes have seen

by drowningnotwaving In reply to What's the best book to f ...

At the risk of being trite, I always love watching Blade Runner, esp. the director's cut.

I'd love to see the Neuromancer trilogy in some way in a book, but I guess now it would look outdated.

I'd love to see Jasper fForde's book "The Big Over Easy". I think it fits the fantasy genre. Or something.

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A lot of the ideas from Neuromancer have been

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to If you could see what the ...

ah borrowed now. It would make a decent film, but the hook as in VR has been seriously done.

Blade runner, I knew there must be some good crossovers, I just couldn't think of one.
Rutger Hauer and the city scape made that film for me.

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Ah, yes, Blade Runner

by NickNielsen In reply to A lot of the ideas from N ...

And my favorite line from a movie villain, "Wake up! Time to die."

I recently watched the EarthSea trilogy and was disappointed; they did it well, but it wasn't as true to the books as I would have liked. Unfortunately I think that most books have to be seriously abridged unless they are specifically written as screenplays. All that background information takes time to develop and would push most movies from too long to much too much too long.

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That's the key. Action type books go over well

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Ah, yes, Blade Runner

A lot of internal dialogue though, an you aren't going to get a decent movie. The ones they do, such as Dune get the Hollywoood treatment.
Dune the film, visually was brilliant, what they did to the story....
That's why I made the choices I did, there's enough stuff in them for visualisation without corrupting the story.

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a book series that could work..

by Jaqui In reply to A lot of the ideas from N ...

that uses a fair amount of the Neuromancer stuff is the Shadowrun series.
not only Science fiction, but also Fantasy rolled into it.

teams of hackers, soldiers, mages fighting the "good fight" against the "Multinational" Corporations running the world, since the governments are dead.

cyborgs, ogres, dragons, elves, plug into brain internet connections... they have it all.

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Sean Young......

by Travis Hanson In reply to A lot of the ideas from N ...

mmmm Sean Young in that retro 50's hairdo, nice. The cityscape was amazing, remember the Somewhere in Time album cover from Iron Maiden. (definitely dating myself with that one) Anyway, it was an excellent homage to the film.

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Robert Heinlen

by Galactic Dave In reply to A lot of the ideas from N ...

Stranger in a strange land ( shame John Houston passed away as he would have made a great Jubal Harshaw ), Time enough for love or I will fear no evil or Arthur C Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama


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