Whats the best buy 10 inch or 14 inch laptop

By carlotinsay ·
Hi im about to buy a laptop, a 10 inch or 14 inch, Please help me on this quest on whats the best buy. pls reply thanks

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Well it depends on what you want or need

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Whats the best buy 10 inc ...

But generally speaking a 10 inch is a NetBook with a Low powered Atom CPU and minimal system resources and a 14/15 inch is a Note Book with a Full Fledged Pentium Processor.

Netbooks where made for students at a Budget price and for what they where intended they are great. If you want to do a little Web Browsing minimal Word Processing and so on they work a treat. However if you need to do more a fully fledged Note Book is probably a better option for your needs.


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I agree, Col

by NexS In reply to Well it depends on what y ...

But it also depends on price. I mean if there's a notebook for, say, $300 more than the netbook, and the gizzards are phenomenally higher, then you bet your arse I'd be going the notebook, even if it's only a portable typ-writer I need.
Similarly, if there's a netbook on sale at a ridiculous price i'd go for it, if i were after a portable type-writer.

But personally, i'd never even consider a netbook. The way i see it, if i'm going to spend money, i'd not waste it on a low powered machine.

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Well the way that I see things it all depends on what you need to do

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I agree, Col

I have put Netbooks into Business for Single Use Applications which they are very good at performing. I have one client who uses a one to do all their Internet Transactions through a Dial Up Modem and as a single use item it's great.

But try to use the same machine to do more and they would run into massive problems but for what it was placed there for it's great.

Not sure what would happen if it was running Windows though as it would be painful to use I would imagine but for what they want it to do it's great and cheap.


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I wouldn't use a netbook either

by .Martin. In reply to I agree, Col

I'm looking at sub-laptops, 11" with ULV dual core processors

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Thanks for the reply

by carlotinsay In reply to Well it depends on what y ...

I will have to make sure of my budget first and what i really want :)

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Does your budget include

by santeewelding In reply to Thanks for the reply

At the least, a thumbs-up for these considerate people?

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Thumbs up coming all your way :) 3x

by carlotinsay In reply to Does your budget include

THumbs up coming all your way :)

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