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What's the best management tool for supporting the support process?

By Toni Bowers ·
TechRepublic member Stephen Shiller recently dropped us a line. He is in the process of centralizing his company's service desk by moving its most skilled resources to the contact center. "We currently have LanDesk installed at one of our largest customers. It was chosen by my predecessor, but I cannot seem to find any details in respect of a formal evaluation. I would like to conduct formal evaluation against a short list of products, probably LanDesk, HP Radia, and possibility one other. Do you have any recommendations regarding the above product list (or comments about them) and the selection criteria?"

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Management Tools

by chanda_cole In reply to What's the best managemen ...

I recently completed a comparison review of about 10 products for IT service and support management. My primary goal was to find a product that offered options for help desk service support, inventory management and procurement process support. You may be looking for something with a broader focus, however if it helps below are the criteria that I used for evaluation:

End User Support
-Self service to allow the end user to enter and review the status of their own trouble tickets
-Notification capabilities to notify the end-user via email when a change is made to their ticket by help desk staff
-Notification capabilities to notify the help desk staff via email when a change is made to their ticket by the end user
-The ability to create trouble ticket "templates" to speed the entry of common problems and routine requests

IT Staff
-Multiple methods of notification when a new trouble ticket is entered
-The ability to manage both "internal" and "external" information within a ticket so that the end-user views only specific fields
-Automatic time-stamping of each modification to a ticket by either the end-user or IT staff
-The ability to attach electronic files to a trouble ticket for additional information and reference
-The ability to create a trouble ticket on-the-fly from an email message
-The ability to automatically assign a ticket to IT staff based on criteria

Setup & Administration
-A web-based interface for both end-users and IT staff
-The ability to utilize MS SQL Server as the database engine behind the application
-The ability to integrate with Active Directory for authentication and permissions
-The ability to create and manage user-defined fields within the trouble ticket
-The ability to set up workflow and routing rules for processing different ticket types

Management Tools
-The ability to track costs and time associated with a trouble ticket in order to measure SLA outcomes
-A multitude of canned reports as well as the ability to use a reporting software such as Crystal Reports to created additional reports
-The ability to survey the end-user as to the quality of the service they receive
-The ability to manage assets and inventory, including scanning the network to identify machines, scanning those machines to identify software installed, auditing installed software to notify of changes, and software license management
-The ability to manage procurement activities by tracking the initial request, quote, purchase request and purchase order, and adding the item directly to inventory once it is received
-The ability to create a knowledgebase accessible to both IT Staff and end-users, including solutions to common problems and user manuals

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What products did you evaluate?

by Peter Spande In reply to Management Tools

And, if you're comfortable sharing this, what product did you end up buying?

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by Todder In reply to What products did you eva ...

I would like to know if anyone has used/is using BOSS Solutions DiagWin or U Win.

I would also like to know what products were evaluated in the previous post.

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Diagwin and Boss Assist

by jpietras In reply to DiagWin

We are looking into a desktop mgmt and help desk mgmt software. We are looking at Diagwin & Boss Assist along with Track-IT and Footprints.

Do you have any advice or experience with these? Please email ( to me or post here.

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by WelshBilly In reply to Management Tools

I've worked with quite a few Management Tools on a helpdesk and I have found that Heat to be the best. It meets most of the requirements in chanda_cole's post.

Like all tools, if used to it's full potential and installed correctly, it does work really well. It can be expensive when you add up all of the modules you would need to meet the requirements. But it is the best I have seen and I have worked with an inhouse tool and also Track-IT.

But you could look at saving money from the Web side of things by developing a web front yourself, if your able to.

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by jenni_baker In reply to

Anyone used this software?

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Evaluated Products

by chanda_cole In reply to Management Tools

I evaluated the following products against the above criteria:


I have narrowed the list down to four: Track-It, Heat, Footprints and Magic but have not yet scheduled demos so that the rest of my staff can see the products and provide their feedback. I do have a limited budget which may knock Heat out of the running (I haven't requested pricing from the last two vendors yet). I do have staff that are capable of building the web-based front-end but unfortunately I can't afford to have them focus on that due to our current workload, which is why I've decided to move away from our in-house solution (which does have that type of front-end already).

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by Babac In reply to Evaluated Products

I am really exited about my company, Everdream. Did you want me to have someone from sales send you a demo or prices?

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My group uses Magic

by breadtrk In reply to Evaluated Products

Wonderfull and versatile tool. Plant maintenance uses it, Security uses it, IT uses it. If there is anything lacking, we do not know of it.

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Intuit IT Solutions-Track-It!

by david_scott In reply to Management Tools

You may want to take a look at Track-It! from Intuit IT Solutions.

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