What's the best online forum for outsourcing?

By outsourceitservice ·
I often outsource much of the work I get on for design, SEO, dev, etc.

But it's always difficult to find the right people so can anyone recommend the best forums to find these people?
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Not possible it seems.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to What's the best online fo ...

Why? Because your criteria for best was unstated. Some think it's price then I think it's a mix of how well they work with us along with quality, price and delivery on time.

Then you had to include SEO which is not easy to measure. Frankly my thought is that SEO is best put back to lower ranks compared to you having the right product in the right market at the right price and as Amazon and others have shown us, ease of access.

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The best place is....

by ednawelburg In reply to What's the best online fo ...

I don't think forum is a proper way to denote it, but is a platform mainly built for outsourcing... so that might be what you're looking for.

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finding the right people

by patriciaslucia In reply to What's the best online fo ...

I hear what you're saying, I know of a few people who have the same trouble. Even when you're in a large organization it can be difficult to hire the right people. What are you looking for exactly and what's it for? happy for you to message me and i can send you a few companies or people to have a look at, as i tend to deal with a number of different sectors.

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Upwork or Fiverr

by ednawelburg In reply to What's the best online fo ...

Many people look for freelance work on the internet from websites like Upwork or Fiverr where they can post gigs that buyers can find. Once someone has put out an ad with their price point, potential clients will contact them about jobs through email or phone call as well as see reviews of past projects done by the person who posted the gig listing so they know if what’s being advertised matches up with other customers' experiences before hiring anyone new.

Despite that, it still boils down to why and how you are outsourcing. There are still other online outsourcing platforms that you can use to tailor-fit your needs.

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