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    What’s the best online mind mapping tool you’ve ever used?


    by stevenjamessj ·


    I am searching for the best free online mind mapping tools. The one I have used for a long time is called GitMind(link removed by moderator). As an English learner, I use it to study vocabulary and organize essay outlines.

    Here are some features of GitMind:
    1) Offer various mind map templates to choose from.
    2) Custom themes and styles
    3) Input outline and generate a map
    4) Share and collaborate
    5) Free cloud storage

    While I was a fan of XMind, and I have lots of maps saved in XMind. But GitMind does not support import from other tools. Please recommend some free online mind mapping tools. Thx:)

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      online mind mapping tools

      by deborasumopayroll ·

      In reply to What’s the best online mind mapping tool you’ve ever used?

      Mind mapping is defined as “[a] graphical technique for visualizing connections between several ideas or pieces of information. Each idea or fact is written down and then linked by lines or curves to its major or minor (or following or previous) idea or fact, thus creating a web of relationships.” – The Business Dictionary.

      Free online mind mapping tools
      The following are a selection of great free online mind mapping tools. These are far from exhaustive and are in no particular order.

      1. Edraw’s Mindmaster is amazing for creating mind maps
      2. Coggle is great for creating mind maps
      3. Freemind is a handy free online mind mapping tool
      4. Mindmup lets you create and store your map for free for 6 months
      5. is a simple yet powerful mind mapping app
      6. IdeaFlip is tailored for group brainstorming
      7. Lucidchart isn’t technically a mind mapping app
      8. SimpleMind Lite is free but limited
      9. XMind: Zen comes with a selection of templates to get you started
      10. QMindMap Lite is limited in features but completely freeform

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