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What's the Best Open Source Email Server that Runs on Windows?

By rkuhn ·
What's the Best Open Source Email Server that Runs on Windows?

I have a buddy wanting to start a small business (aka small budget) and needs an email server but doesn't want to pay for Exchange nor wants to have to learn Linux.

Any suggestions...

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well, I checked

by Jaqui In reply to What's the Best Open Sour ...

and none of the open source email servers I would trust are ported to windows.

but I found a windows email server that has a free version:

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by rkuhn In reply to well, I checked

Thanks, I appreciate the link and will forward it on.

What do you mean by "trust"?

Do they simply not work well with Windows?

Here's a little more detail. He doesn't exactly need a lot of features. This email server will get very light use, he doesn't need any really advanced features, etc.

Essentially, he's like me and doesn't have the time right now to learn Linux. I know there are tons of good open source email servers out there but unfortunately, for people like me, when and if something were to ever go wrong, it would be a severe handicap to be able to resolve the issue without knowledge of the underlying OS (Linux).

That is why he is hoping to find a Windows version. His troubleshooting would go all that smoother.

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re trust

by Jaqui In reply to Re:

I mean as in reliable, so that when you click on send the server processes the email and sends it.

The free version at the link url is a server meant for light usage, with full features, so it should meet the needs perfectly.

Mandriva is actually quite good for those not familiar with linux to use for this, they have some vrey well written "wizards" for configuring servers, that are available through their DrakX [ GUI BASED ] control center [ Configure my computer is the name in the menu system ]

it, like Red Hat, isn't standards compliant in many ways, but it is far more user friendly than red hat, debian, suse, ubuntu, kubuntu, slakware, gentoo or lfs.* [ basically, most other distros ] and one dvd or 3 cdroms will get you all the software for a server or workstation install, and with only a 10 gb hard drive, 100% of available options can be installed, with space left over on the drive.[ about 4 gigs of space ]

*user friendly from a windows user perspective, with the software available on the install media for any use.

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Try hmailserver!

by babajideibiayo In reply to Re:

Hi, With your user requirements, try Hmailserver, it will definitely fit the bill in your scenario.

Great for SOHOs!!!

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Open Source Email Running on windows

by clarence.mills In reply to What's the Best Open Sour ...

Zimbra is a full functional email server,calendaring tool that runs on windows

This sites talks about it

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Incorrect Information

by MarcMagi In reply to Open Source Email Running ...

The Zimbra Server does NOT run on Windows. Not unless you plan to compile and debug the source code.

However, Zimbra Desktop (the client) does run on Windows 2K/XP/2003.

hMailServer is a good option because of its feature-set but while it is Freeware it is NOT Open Source.

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Mercury Mail

by Robert.Varley In reply to What's the Best Open Sour ...

Just come acfross your post. I've used Mercury Mail to some good effect.

It links in well with Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird plus its cousin, Pegasus Mail client.



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