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What's the best part of working in IT?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
That the question we ask in the latest TechRepublic poll. And here are the answers:

- Getting paid to play with technology
- The fast-paced work with constant challenges
- Holding the keys to the kingdom
- Living on the cutting edge of civilization
- Being able to help workers be more productive

Which of these would you choose and why? Or, if there's another reason not on the list, please post it.

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Getting paid

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to What's the best part of w ...

for something you enjoy doing.

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by jmgarvin In reply to What's the best part of w ...

- The pay check was nice (now that I teach, not so much...but far less stress...although I'm thinking of re-entering...I kinda miss the stress)

- I LOVE the constant changing! You can't beat that kind of environment. Sure you have grunt work, but for the most part every day is a new day with new issues and solutions!

- While this is kinda "fun," the thrill starts to wear off the longer you hold them...

- Who DOESN'T want to play with all the new techno toys? ;-)

- As the guru, it sure does feel nice to be able to help out my users (that want to learn). You can't beat having users that are struggling with App A, and suddenly "get it." It really is nice to see a user REALLY understand what they are doing!

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Getting Paid to Play

by Mr.Wiz In reply to What's the best part of w ...

Getting paid to play with technology that I probably would've been playing with anyway. But, now I don't have to buy it myself.

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Getting Paid

by Too Old For IT In reply to What's the best part of w ...

... and free coffee!!

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by ericl_w19 In reply to Getting Paid

not being a manager and having access to anything and everything.getting a new computer so i can pass my 3 month old computer down to somone who needs a new paid cell phone.having the email address i want and not just the company standard one.

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by john.a.wills In reply to What's the best part of w ...

...of a well-structured program

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You get to go so many places

by abee_here In reply to What's the best part of w ...

You get to go to so many places. Thats the best part.

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