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What's the best place in the USA?

By bob98204 ·
Where is the job market the best in America? Things are awfull here in Seattle and I would like a better chance.

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Try San Diego

by Belladog In reply to What's the best place in ...

A good friend tells me that the San Diego job market is still pretty hot right now, relatively unhit by recession. Not sure why, or how valid her remarks are, but keep in mind that the real estate prices are also very hot down there. Otherwise, I would try the Midwest -- places like Columbus that are investing in high-tech but probably still have trouble luring people from the coastal areas. Skip the Denver/Boulder area. I just left there and it's awful, as is the Bay area where am currentlysituated.

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missed opportunity

by seriouslabs In reply to What's the best place in ...

I was going to suggest the Puget Sound region as a joke but I see you're here already. Have you looked at I'm thinking of relocating to Atlanta...

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Even worse in Australia.

by jardinier In reply to What's the best place in ...

Out of curiosity I checked with my nephew who is a Unix Systems Administrator. He said only 10 IT jobs had been advertised in the whole of the country in the National newspaper, The Australian, and that it is six weeks since he has seen an advertisement for his field of speciality.

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Maybe not Atl...

by Mgotelaere In reply to Even worse in Australia.

I am in Atlanta and the area has been hit pretty hard with cut-backs. There are new business opportunities but I've found most are for lower, entry level positions. Or, high-level VERY low pay positions.

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forget work

by john_wills In reply to What's the best place in ...

One of the most liveable ares is South Carolina. People are polite when they don't have to be, Columbia at least has good libraries and theatre, there are good medical services, the driver licences are attractive, a lot of neighborhoods are wooded, there are lots of restaurants with low prices, some of them in quite attractive malls; the bus system is not nearly as good as it could be, however, and Amtrak comes only once a day in each direction, at a dreadful hour in the morning; also, a lot ofpeople are still fighting the Civil War. Food is taxed, like every other retail good, but only at 5%, and it's cheap to start with. Only once you have decided where you want to live should you worry about jobs. CSC has a big facility, formerly knownas Mynd/PMSC, where insurance software gets written and the wages are good, near Columbia, and perhaps they're hiring. It is mainly my family that keeps me in the Bay Area, although I do like it for itself.

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