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What's the best place in the USA?

By bob98204 ·
Where is the job market the best in America? Things are awfull here in Seattle and I would like a better chance.

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Hard to find any where

by zlitocook In reply to What's the best place in ...

I hear that alaska needs people:) There are jobs out there but are still hard to come by. I am contracting my self out to head hunters untill the market gets better. But I do not think it will ever be like it was. I am trying to learn specialized skills, security on Linux and Windows. I think if you have a needed skill you will have a better chance at a good job!

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regardless of job market

by road-dog In reply to What's the best place in ...

You need to get the heck out of Seattle. Things aren't that great here in Florida, but you can at least starve with a good tan! If you're going to be unemployed, why not be unemployed at the beach? It's a nice cheap place to spend the day if you stay out of the tourist bars. I've had quite a few lean months lately, but the nice weather at least makes things tolerable.

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Nice weather...

by generalist In reply to regardless of job market

Actually, the 'ideal' location depends upon your personal definition of nice weather.

My definition would put Seattle way above the Sunbelt states because I prefer cooler weather. I moved out of the Sunbelt because I don't like eighty degree temperatures in February.

Of course, I run into a lot of people in my area who would love to have the warmer weather. Ah well...

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Your opinion would change

by road-dog In reply to Nice weather...

if you saw my neighbor mowing her lawn in a halter top and short shorts.

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Change our Opinions.

by admin In reply to Your opinion would change

With your new TR webcam feature :>

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I saw my neighbor do that once.....

by MallardtooXX In reply to Your opinion would change

The next thing I knew I was on the ground out cold. She hit a rock but I was too busy....well you know.... to take any notice that she was getting close to her driveway. The happy ending is we ended up married a few years later. THe sad thing wasfor the longest time I had a nagging feeling like I knew her from somewhere and I couldn't quite remember where. Then one day she was mowing the lawn and....thats right selective amnesia or Karma Thugs, u make the call.


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bikinis anyone?

by jkaras In reply to Your opinion would change

I live in Orlando, and besides oggling at that my personal favorite is all the beautiful women driving around in bikini tops tanning their maliflous mounds of mamalia. ohhh mammers (homer pleasure moan)

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I don't Know.

by admin In reply to What's the best place in ...

There is a really really nice hot spring in Stanley Idaho.

As far as the tech jobs in Idaho, well, again, there are really nice hot springs here.

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..if you want nice HOT weather come here

by Tech Teacher In reply to What's the best place in ...

Hello and welcome to SUNNY (really dry) Arizona! Where it is so SUNNY, you would have to wear shades at night! (just kidding) On the serious side, it is a great place to live, we don't have to deal with the rain much, or snow in Phoenix. In summer time, most of the people who live in Phoenix, go to Prescott or Flaggstaff and excape from the heat, but other than that it is a great place to move to. You can check out some jobs on this site (Whatever you do, dont move to the south side...really bad!) TOOTLES!

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