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What's the best way to clean a monitor?

By rroberto18 ·
Now that we've been told to put our keyboards into the dishwasher, what unusual method should we try to clean our screens?

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Powered on, in the bathtub.

by seanferd In reply to What's the best way to cl ...

I believe that this, indeed, would be unusual for most people. No warranty is implied for the suitability of this method.

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Speaking of keyboards...

by santeewelding In reply to What's the best way to cl ...

I just checked my Key Tronic. It has eight screws on the bottom. I make them out to be Torx, but I could be wrong. They are tiny. Too tiny for me to screw with them.

I have also followed the cleaning discussions. I concluded that, dirty as mine become, certain keys lose their identification logos with wear than do they get gummed up.

That's when I toss them.

The sun expanding to red-giant status, and all, is how I look at the landfill problem.

The oil spill, too.

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