What's the best way to connect a laptop's hard drive to another hard drive?

By yiannis_zac ·
My new laptop (Dell XPS 1530) has crashed and I would like to recover my data. How can I connect the hard drive from the Dell XPS 1530 laptop to another laptop and recover the data (if that is possibel)?

I have to say that the problem with the Dell XPS 1530 might be a hard disk failure. I received the following error code: Error Code 2000-0142

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USB Drive enclosure

by Bapster In reply to What's the best way to co ...

I use an external USB drive enclosure. You can get them for SATA or IDE type drives. You take the drive out of laptop, connect them to the drive enclosure. Connect to a working computers USB port and it will see the drive and assign a drive letter to it. I have salvaged many a drive's data like this. They are also realtively inexpensive ($40)or so at Tiger Direct or NewEgg.com.

Give it a shot.

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Thanks for your help. I have bought an external drive enclosure but...

by yiannis_zac In reply to USB Drive enclosure

I bought a Dynamode 2.5 SATA/IDE HDD CADDY.
My laptop, even though it appears that it doesn't need to install anything, doesn't recognise the external drive enclosure. So I can not read the hard disk. What should I do?

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Can I Recover data if several segments are unreadable?

by yiannis_zac In reply to USB Drive enclosure

I have managed to use an external USB drive enclosure. However after checking the hard disk I received the following messages:
File record segment ... is unreadable

Will I be able to recover part of the data, or this means that there is no way of getting anything?

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Not from the unreadable segments. But maybe everything else.

by 1bn0 In reply to Can I Recover data if sev ...

Before you start make a backup image of the drive.

http://www.todo-backup.com/ (FREE)

This way you have a realiable copy of whatever information is there before the bad drive gets worse or you make it worse trying to recover files.

I think EASEASUS to do backup will also let you mount the image and copy files from the image file. (I use it at home. Here at work I use Apricorn EZ GIG, it does the same thing. Came with the USB adapter I use)

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Or you could invest in a

by Jacky Howe In reply to What's the best way to co ...

universal adapter that has a variety of uses.

USB 2.0 to IDE / SATA Adapter Cable 80cm (Supports 2.5" & 3.5" IDE)



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A couple of checks

by Jacky Howe In reply to Or you could invest in a

Connect the drive, check the allocated drive letter and press the WinKey + r and type cmd and press Enter.

At the command prompt type: chkdsk (driveletter)/r

Let it run through the 5 stages.

If the data is valuable you should try this but it's expensive.

OnTrack Data Recovery


You can use the Hard Drive Makers Testing Utility to Test the Drive which can be downloaded from below.
<a href="http://www.hgst.com/hdd/support/download.htm" target="_blank"><u>Hitachi / IBM</u></a>
<a href="http://support.wdc.com/download/index.asp#dlgtools" target="_blank"><u>Western Digital</u></a>
<a href="http://www.fel.fujitsu.com/home/drivers.asp?L=en&CID=1" target="_blank"><u>Fujitsu</u></a>
<a href="http://www.seagate.com/support/seatools" target="_blank"><u>Seagate</u></a>
<a href="http://www.samsung.com/Products/Hard...ties/hutil.htm" target="_blank"><u>Samsung</u></a>

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