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    What’s the big deal about Windows on Mac


    by joetechsupport ·

    I think this is the Disinformation age. The ability to run Windows on a Mac is 20 years old and predates GUI on Intel; way before anyone conceived of PowerMacs much less Intel in Macs. This is news? How about the hype around XP “Media Edition”. The ability of XP to do multimedia is determined by the hardware one runs XP on, not what version of XP you run on your hardware. Spyware is Demographic/Market Research. More and more prevalent is this tendency to ignore facts, re-write history and generally disseminate falsehood.

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      by voyager529 ·

      In reply to What’s the big deal about Windows on Mac

      KK Lemme break down what the big deal is…

      I personally have always looked at purchasing a mac as something I’d like to do, but was always being held back from doing due to my massive Windows software library. While a Macbook Pro might not cost alot more than a high-end HP like the one I have, I had to factor in rebuilding my software library to do it. the Adobe Video Production Bundle, Office, Sound Forge, ACID, and Cakewalk, just to name a few titles I own and depend on, would have to be replaced with Mac versions, tacking on another $2,000 to the price tag. Alot of other programs I depend on, like Nero, MediaSHOUT, and Mixmeister, don’t have Mac versions. So you see, getting a Mac would be a VERY costly proposition in both money and time, since I’d have to get brand new software and learn it all over again to do what I already do on a PC. With Bootcamp, I’m not stuck there. My next laptop will be an Intel Mac and I will have a seamless transition, an indefinite timeline for new software purchases, and the ability to run what I can’t do under an OS named after a cat. The news isn’t that it’s possible, it’s that it’s practical. THAT’s why people like me are happy about it. I’ve used virtual PC, if that’s what you were referring to, and lemme tell ya it was slow as a herd of turtles walking through peanut butter. I wouldn’t have the time to INSTALL Unreal Tournament in that setup, let alone run it. and lemme tell ya, if I did, it would look like a slide show.

      As far as XP Media Center Edition, I’m guessing based on your post you’ve never tried it. MCE allows you to VIEW your media. It has NOTHING to do with how well your computer runs Photoshop. It enables you to view slide shows, videos, and TV using a TV-friendly user interface and a remote to go with it. It’s Windows Media Player on steroids, and has never, nor was ever intended to, change anyone’s multimedia production workflow.

      Next, Spyware. Spyware i’ll agree is a big buzzword designed to help sell copies of Spy Sweeper. Still, having large amounts of it significantly decreases system performance, causes tons of unwanted pop-ups (while that may be considered Adware, may still be lumped into the ‘spyware’ category, depending on who you talk to), and often is installed without properly informing the end user of exactly what’s happening. And i doubt that every spyware coder will ONLY look at my favorites list…


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        Yeah, here too.

        by Anonymous ·

        In reply to Ummm…Hello?!?

        ‘voyager529’, you hit the nail on the head. All I can add is, if I had a
        nickel for every time I heard, “If it only ran Windows too, I’d switch
        in a moment” I’d be a rich man. Well, guess what. I does, and many
        are switching. And I’m still poor(!)

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      Now I am ready to buy

      by techtitan ·

      In reply to What’s the big deal about Windows on Mac

      The day Boot Camp released in beta I was ready to buy 10 Macs. The day before I was not. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak.

      Emulators and virtual software never cut it in my mind, I wanted the ability to utilize windows based apps- my library too is quite extensive.

      It also opens the doors to businesses that use proprietary or even custom designed software on Mac. The market may be larger than most people think.

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      What’s the payback

      by jterry ·

      In reply to What’s the big deal about Windows on Mac

      All I hear is now I can buy a Mac and do everything I do now on a PC. So what are you buying a Mac for? A prettier box? What else are you gaining?

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        Fun and a common path

        by razz2 ·

        In reply to What’s the payback

        I understand your question and infact have heard many times
        since Boot Camp came out. The “Why by a more expensive PC
        just to have an Aplle logo glow on the cover?” First off, buying a
        windows enabled (w/BC) mac is not buying a PC. It buying both a
        Mac and a PC. As mention by Voyager529, the software
        transition become almost a non-issue. Use the windows
        software and Windows OS as the default, and as new versions
        come out but the Mac version to treansition to it as the default
        OS. For those apps that are not cross platform then continue to
        use the Win Ver. or buy a mac replacement and have time to
        learn it while continuing to use the Win side.

        Also, the hardware. High end is high-end is still not totally true.
        In windows there is an HCL and havinging hardware on the HCL
        makes the driver co-existance more smooth as well as helping
        optimize performance. On the Mac side, while many components
        are identical to pc parts, they are all chosen by the same
        manufacturer as the OS and therefore the ‘System’ is optimized
        out of the box. Think of it as it is all on the HCL. But also the
        core components etc are all built with that specific OS in mind.

        I am an old mac user but also as a consultant have to live in an
        WinTel world. Now I only need 1 box.

        Oh yeah, Spyware is someone using MY hardware, software, OS,
        internet bandwidth etc for their financial gain without asking
        me, paying me a commision, or thanking me. The makers of Ad/
        Spyware are theives. It is illeagal in many states to send
        unsolicited faxes because they use the consumers assets
        without permission. Spy/Adware is worse as it not only uses my
        assets, but slows my productivity which costs my bottom line,
        and in a company setting causes a direct cost to the company in
        techs or consultants cleaning the ever more difficult crap of a

        Wow, that last paragraph felt good.

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          Thanks and I understand

          by jterry ·

          In reply to Fun and a common path

          I understand a little better than I did before. My son is an apple user and he loves it. He doesn’t have a Mac, he has a laptop. I guess I am a little squeamish about Apple because I owned an Apple II and they quit supporting them and than I owned an Apple IIGS and they quit supporting them. Another side to this story is when I owned my Apple’s the Computer software stores were filled about 90% with Apple software. Now it’s just the opposite. If I buy a Mac are they going to quit supporting it? Did Apple enable windows on their PC’s only to win over PC poeple?

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          A great cliff to leap from

          by razz2 ·

          In reply to Thanks and I understand

          An Apple laptop is still a mac for reference. As to support, “If I
          buy a Mac are they going to quit supporting it?” The answer is
          yes. Everything looses manufacturer support sooner or later. The
          other side also retires technology.

          No More: Windows 3.1, WfW, 95, 98, NT (all versions prior to
          4) 286, 386, 486, straight DOS etc.

          The list is long. But, the good news is no machine is ‘Retired’ if it
          still does what you need. Also, with the internat support is
          document everywhere and the existence of forums and
          newsgroups and cached pages at Google mean help is always
          available. Remeber, it is also hard to find original rims for a 67
          Camaro. Still nice to have. The first 9″ screen Mac was so cool
          and now it is OS X. Still called a Mac but as different from the
          past as XP is from 3.1.

          You are correct on software availability in retail. I remember
          when stores had ‘Apple’ related software and now it is either
          CompUSA or an Apple Store or online, but there is plenty of
          software available. Maybe the new Intel platform will spur more
          retail availability. Heck, Best Buy has Mac’s again in their new Pro
          Audio sections.

          Why did apple switch? Many reasons really unrelated to “PC
          People”, but marketing is never ignored and I am sure someone
          at some meeting said ” Yeah we will get better supply chains and
          stuff but if we create a method to run windows just think of the
          expanded customer base.” To that employee of Apple I say…


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      RE: Windows on Mac

      by hwam ·

      In reply to What’s the big deal about Windows on Mac

      I was rather enjoying your blog about Windows on Mac until I read your short sentence, “Spyware is Demographic/Market Research”. OK – I don’t want folks doing their research this way anymore than you might want folks listening in on your telephone calls for “research purposes”. Both are uninvited intruders. I’m sincerely hoping you only wrote that for humor.

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      Split Personality

      by tig2 ·

      In reply to What’s the big deal about Windows on Mac

      I really like the fact that I can now purchase a single laptop and run the MS software that I need to run for business and also be able to run software that I prefer on the Mac side.

      For me, the additional attraction is that OS X is built on Unix. I LIKE having the ability to go to a command line I like and working from there. MS lobotomised the command line in Widows long ago.

      Purchasing hardware from a vendor that sees me as their customer as being ENTITLED to owning the OS is definitely preferable to being forced to buy an OS that may or may not meet my needs. As I recall, Vista will be offered in multiple flavours.

      Hardware durablity is another point. In the Wintel world I have been required to upgrade with some frequency and the hardware doesn’t have the durability that I want to see. On the flip side, I know “toaster Macs” that are still running. And yes, I know that there are old pcs out there that are still running. Not the point. I know a school that is teaching OS 9, OS X and Linux on ten year old Macs. From a cost/benefit standpoint, getting more (longer) use from the hardware is a good thing.

      Just my $0.02

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      Big Deal – Hears one for ya’ll

      by -bw- ·

      In reply to What’s the big deal about Windows on Mac

      The big deal is that Information Technology is a joke, moreover so are computers! Being an IT professional for nearly 20 years now, I am contemplating quiting this God-for-saking industry and taking a job at Wal-Mart or Micky-Dee’s where I can leave my work at work and live my life while not at work!
      Furthermore, with all the “Sick” employeers out there who want ungodly experience, certifications and at least a Bachelor’s degree for a measly 30K per year, they are friggen NUTS!
      I say we all boycott the IT industry in the USA because all the jobs are moving overseas anyway, thanks to the US Government that is!


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      win on Mac

      by paul.opensource ·

      In reply to What’s the big deal about Windows on Mac

      Why would anyone in their right mind put a toy, amateur, crap OS on a thing of beauty like a Mac? it would be like putting training wheels on a Ferrari.

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