What's the difference between these laptops?

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Which is better- the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 ($829.99) or the Dell XPS 15 ($999)? They have really similar specs aside from some storage differences, graphics, battery, and build materials.

I plan to use this laptop for browsing, YouTube/some Netflix, and maybe like 1-2 light games.
I don’t need something super fancy- all that matters to me is long battery life and a long (consistent) laptop performance life (although I really like how speedy SSD can be).

1. I know the Inspiron has SSD and HDD whereas the XPS has a SSHD drive- which is better?
2. Which has better battery life considering the specs+use?
3. Which would you recommend overall?

Dell XPS 15:
Dell Inspiron 15 7000:

Thanks a bunch ahead of time!

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laptops recommendations

by Porko1! In reply to What's the difference bet ...

1. The XPS is more "professional" looking. slimmer, higher finish. It also has much better display and worse thermals
2. What kind of games? It could be better to go with a high quality business class laptop
3. I wouldn't go with the Dell Inspiron in your case
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XPS is better

by itrumanmills In reply to laptops recommendations

The XPS in your case will be more preferable. Although inspiron 15 is not a bad one. But XPS proves to be a good gaming laptop than the other one in all most all performance and design specs.

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