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what's the difference dvd+ or dvd-

By jmiker ·
Does anybody know what the difference between a
dvd+ and a dvd- is? Also what are the benefits?

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by jkaras In reply to what's the difference dvd ...

a + and a -. hehehe I couldnt resist. To tell you the truth I dont know either, except that they are new formats for reading and recording dvds. I dont think one is better than the other, merely a different flavor to make more money and frustrate copying. Pending upon who previously recorded the format chose either + or - which makes you follow suit for copying. Last time I was in the Local Comp "rip you off" USA my mind began to get twisted at the plethora of DVD and CD-R packages that claimed this, that, or the other to buy. To me its all about squeezing the buck rather than the improvment of quality that we are lead to believe.

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Here is a link

by JamesRL In reply to yeah

Basically, there are different formats based on the manufacturer - pressed/manufactured DVD ROMs should be readable by any device, but the read/writeables are format specific. Later DVD burners can read and write in multiple formats.

Its no sure bet if and when one standard will emerge. If I was buying and planning on sharing disks with others, I'd be buying a multi-format drive.

James Linn

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by ReallifeinUK In reply to yeah

rember when you had to choose your video recorder to be either a BETA or VHS and eventually VHS won even though BETA was a better format, same here just 2 different recording means. Don't worry however as the latedt DVDRW are both + and - and cost less than ?50.00 probalbly cheaper in the states if that iswere you are.

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