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What's the easiest way to make a login expire?

By Tink! ·
Specifically upon navigating away from your website.

Or, if the user tends to leave their browser open for hours after leaving your site - have the logon expire after an hour or so.

Thanks for any input!

Tink :)

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Set a cookie

by jck In reply to What's the easiest way to ...

You can do some Perl that will set the cookie to expire after so long. Then, I think you can script upon leaving the site to delete the cookie for that session.

That should handle that.

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by Tink! In reply to Set a cookie

I know of the scripts for setting the cookie to expire.

Right now cookies are set to be single session, however, if the user navigates away from the site and comes back without closing the browser window, they are still logged in.

I'm wondering how can I stop that. I don't know how to detect when a user is navigating away from your site.

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