What's the Left section of the files pane called. . .

By Who Am I Really ·
in windows explorer (win9x - win2K)

the one that's supposed to show:
- a mini version of Media Player
and previews of:
- recognized image types
- web pages


I've been trying to search for,
how to fix the problem seen in the pic
but can't because I don't know what that particular section of the window is called

if anyone has any ideas about how to fix the problem
which is;
the mini version of the Media Player isn't displaying correctly
nor can it play any audio / video files

only the full Win MP9 application can play A/V files

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Preview (multiple edits done)

by TobiF In reply to What's the Left section o ...

Preview handler in the preview pane

You may also look at "The "Web-style" folders view"

I'm right now reading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Explorer which may give some hints and direction.

EditAdd3: Also look into "folder templates"

EditAdd4: Found this sentence somewhere: "The Windows Explorer window pane Layout settings are universal for all window templates. These are the Search Pane, Details Pane, Preview Pane, and Navigation Pane. They can only be turned on or off for all windows with the same folder template. For example, the Music Details, Music Icons, Pictures and Videos, All Items, Contacts, and Documents."

This might indicate that you're looking for the "Details pane"

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Ah ha ! ! !

by Who Am I Really In reply to Preview (multiple edits d ...

Thanks for the reply;
- most IT don't have the time of day now for such things as win XP, never mind win2K

here a quote from the wiki page you cited:

Windows Me and Windows 2000
The "Web-style" folders view, with the left Explorer pane displaying details for the object currently selected, is turned on by default. For certain file types, such as pictures and media files, a preview is also displayed in the left pane. The Windows 2000 Explorer featured an interactive media player as the previewer for sound and video files.

hopefully my searching will prove fruitful and get me the answer(s) I need as I set about attempting to fix the baked mini media player.

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I would have said

by NexS In reply to Ah ha ! ! !

'Folders' pane.
or 'Details' Pane.

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mini media player not in folders pane. . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to I would have said

thanks for the reply;

I always open windows exploder with:

%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /n, /e, d

which gives me what I have in the pic in my first post

Folders pane | info : Files pane

up to win2K there is the middle section or left most section when the Folders pane is turned off,
which when the root of the drive is selected, will show the pie chart of the drive's used / unused space
and when a web or media type file is selected it will display in a mini mode media player, page / image viewer,
supported images are displayed in the mini image viewer
supported Audio/Video will load the required media player DLL files and play the audio / video in the mini media player
supported web files: .url .htm .html etc. files will load the web page in the mini viewer, and if double clicked will load the necessary IE DLL files and open the page directly in the files pane without starting the full browser

it was total explorer integration,
sure saved me a lot of time when I was using win2k on the main production system
I could check the contents of an audio file without loading / opening the file in the editor or in the full media player app.

so far the info that I've found has been, files that are for the exploder media player mini mode only and not loaded with the full app. are possibly corrupted / damaged etc.

the drive does have a reallocated sector count of 6 (which is not bad for a 10 year old Maxtor with over 40,000 POH)

I may have the opportunity to get the missing but required installation CD's and thus be able to do a fresh install on a new Disk

until then I'll probably be parking the system for a few days after I pull all the files off.

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by NexS In reply to mini media player not in ...

Good luck.

I don't suppose you can 'find' a copy of the CD somewhere in the interwebs (provided, of course, that it's paid for)?

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I know where . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to Sheesh

the program install CD is located, the trick is getting it.

this was an older workstation from the office where I work,

most of the install CDs etc. are located there, the trick is finding the correct one(s)

I have the system drivers CD
(not sure yet, as the old Dell Dimension CDs all look the same)

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