What's up with my disk?

By wompai ·
Ey guys

I've been informed that my HDD would perform better in exchange of some disk space by increasing the cluster-size. I am using this amazing HDD management utility called Partition Magic. I've increased the cluster-size from 4K to 64K, which would perform better. When the operation was done my disk actually performed better then it did before, but it eventually lead to a disk-failure. Windows automatically ran CheckDisk at the next startup. This utility automatically changed the cluster-size back to 4K, decreasing performance. I tried changing it back to 64K and manually ran CheckDisk again. Same result.

Why is CheckDisk doing that?

I am using a 500GB Hitachi IDE and 20GB Maxtor IDE (this one's only used for paging and was also affected by CheckDisk's changes)

Thanks in advance!

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Windows Check Disc

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to What's up with my disk?

Wants what it wants and doesn't like finding things that according to it should not work.

Ideally you should follow the directions in the software you are using which I would assume would disable the Check Disc option.

Of course it may also lead to bigger problems down the track.


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The App itself,...

by wompai In reply to What's up with my disk?

..just informs me about the data loss that might occur by changing the cluster-size. In my case I would have about 95% left. And because my HDD is a 500 GB IDE I didn't mind to give up about 30 GB for this amazing boost. Partition Magic actually has a build-in option to launch Windows CheckDisk automatically when changes to settings have been made. To make a long story short: edit cluster, run CheckDisk, clusters back to normal. Is there a greater risk to the 64K cluster-size? 'Cause I already had an error saying that a delayed write failed to some strange file because of a connection error or hardware defect. After that error my computer restarted, ran CheckDisk etc,...

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