Whats up with my mouse?

By kal_lmn ·
My mouse has been REALLY annoying lately. Nothing is wrong with it physically, but it keeps double clicking on random things. Its not a setting to auto double click or anything, I've already tried messing with pointer speed, double click settings, mouse click sensitivity, and click memory, but nothing fixed it. It isn't a MAJOR problem, but its VERY annoying. It doesn't double click every time... on average, I'd say its roughly once out of every three clicks or so. If I try to drag/drop an item, every few times, it opens as though I double clicked, or whenever I minimize/maximize a window from my taskbar in windows 7, it opens, then a millisecond later it closes back to the taskbar, or reverse (minimizes, then immediately maximizes). Whats wrong with it? I'm using the razer death-adder, and have had it for a little over 3 years, could it just be old?
GAH, another annoyance, I try to click in a word while typing to fix a mistake, and it selects the whole word (as though I double clicked).

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Best guess is it is getting close to time to replace.

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Whats up with my mouse?

Not knowing what type of connection (USB, serial, infrared, wireless, etc.) it's
a bit hard to know exactly what the problem is. However, assuming there are
no problems with the connection, I'd just replace the mouse. You can test your
mouse port connection by hooking up another mouse of similar characteristics
and judging how it performs. If it does similarly, then it could be the port you're
using to connect the mouse to the system.

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I tend to think that the Mouse is on it's way to Silicon Heaven

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Whats up with my mouse?

The actual Micro Switches inside the mouse do wear out over time and that requires that the mouse be replaced.

Also the Buttons that you press can have the Hinges fail or loose resistance which would also result in actions like the ones you are describing.

if you are very handy with an Electronics Soldering Iron you may be able to replace the Micro Switch but if it's the Hinge on the Mouse Button you have to replace the mouse.


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Mouse or Mal-Ware

by TheChas In reply to Whats up with my mouse?

While I agree that the problem is most likely the switch in the mouse failing, don't ignore that some mal-ware can cause strange mouse behavior.

Try clicking the mouse in a very purposeful manner. If the behavior is better, then it is the mouse switch.

If not, (and as good practice) run a full virus and ad-ware scan on your system.


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by kal_lmn In reply to Whats up with my mouse?

Thanks for the responses. While I was waiting for the responses, I ran a full system scan using both spybot, and avast, with the internet disabled/unplugged, so my system is pretty clean, and I did try switching the usb port of my mouse, but to no avail. Still having these problems, and it seems to be progressing more and more. It stated a few weeks ago but very rarely, then a couple days ago it got bad, now its too annoying to deal with... I can't even drag/drop folders without the hassle of repeatedly closing the false opening of it. I'll purchase a new cheapo mouse as a tester, then hopefully the problem is fixed. I just wanted to make sure here that there isn't some random new virus going around messing with mice, as I have never had this problem before, nor have I heard of it.

Once again, thanks for the responses, I'll look into replacing it ASAP.

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Sounds like the micro switch

by billjacobus1 In reply to Whats up with my mouse?

I had the same problem with my Logitech M505 Nano Laser Mouse, and it turned out to be a failing micro switch. I took the mouse apart and applied rubbing alcohol to the micro switch and clicked the switch a hundred or so times. I let it dry (alcohol dries pretty quickly) and reassembled. It worked for a few days and then started the same problem again. Had to buy another mouse. I must be a glutton for punishment because I bought the exact same mouse. I love the tilt wheel on the 505 being able to control the page forward and page back function in web browsers and Windows Explorer.

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Mouse problems

by lyle34 In reply to Whats up with my mouse?

I have had the very same symptoms.
i tried a new mouse no change. Checked the Microsoft forum and found many people with the same problem, I tried many suggestions but nothing has helped.

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by a.portman In reply to Whats up with my mouse?

Try solitare and see if it really is the mouse. Next, buy the cheapest mouse you can find and see if that fixes the problem. The last thing would be to see if there is a driver update available for your mouse. One more thing, it is possible that Microsoft 'updated' the driver and you now are having issues. Try rolling back the driver.

One more thing to try. Clean the mouse pad. Or use a mousepad. Laser mice can get picky about the surface they are on.

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check the RAM also

by Who Am I Really In reply to Whats up with my mouse?

the Rat (mouse) lives in a specific region of the RAM

I smashed a couple of misbehaving PS2 Rats only to find out that the RAM was bad,
when using a USB Rat, other symptoms like corruption of files transferred to / from USB devices, or corruption of USB device partition tables / file systems etc. may or may not be present

the last time it happened to me the regions of RAM responsible for both the PS2 Rat and the USB stack were bad

when I tested the RAM using winders Memtest boot cd
it would always come back at 1 - 3 bits different in the exact same regions
... result FE expected FC
... result FF expected 01
... result 89 expected 88

I replaced the RAM and bingo both the Rat and USB problems disappeared

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Mouse Probs also

by Shrike49 In reply to Whats up with my mouse?

I've also had same or similar problems with Logitech Mouse's.

The 1st one was a BLUE TOOTH connection - With a wired mouse, NO Prob's
That went to Mouse Heaven also the laser one - Connection Probs again!
Apart from all the above Malware, Ram, Settings etc the OLD wired mouse connection into the back of the PC has proven to be the most reliable!!

Another possibility is CONFLICT's with setting's ???

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