What's vista doing in the background?

By Norehca ·
Ok so, of course i got Windows Vista. But any of you who are against vista, i will say im not using it as my primary OS. I also have Windows MCE on another partition. Although i will say Vista has improved alot since the beta and RC versions. I like it alot, its pretty and runs great on my machine. But what th ehell is it doing in the background? While im sitting there with nothing running and nothing but ad-aware and the ati control panel running, i here my hard drive working away and i notice on my sidebar the little cpu gadget going away hitting like 90% usage. It does go away after a minute or so. Now while its doig this Vista seems to run pefectly smooth but im wondering what process is running thats using up my precious rescources. Anyone else experiencing this? If so please share any information about it or how i can solve this, or if its even worth worrying about. My games seem to run fine. Just as good as XP, a times it gives a little lag over a period of 2 seconds every so often but other than that its fine. Maybe shutting down some uneaded processes will hep although it hought in Vista it was supposed to cut down the processes. ANd even shutown the aero glass theme while running games whcih it seems to do.

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Vista seems to like memory

by jmgarvin In reply to What's vista doing in the ...

I've noticed at idle Vista eats between 400mb and 500mb RAM. This is due to a couple of things, but the major thing is the pre-loader for various programs.

How to make Vista run faster?

I'd also suggest having at least 2gb RAM and 80+gb HDD.

Good luck

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It' a monster

by Jesus_C In reply to What's vista doing in the ...

You generally need a server to run vista comfortly

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my pc is fine

by Norehca In reply to It' a monster

ive got 1gb of ram, a 64bit athlon (3700), and an x1950 pro. The video card handles vista perfectly, and my games run great. I was more waondering what the heck my computer was doing.

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by fiercearrow2000 In reply to my pc is fine

I'm not sure but Vista has some automated services that runs in the background when the system is idle. Like for example the Disk Defragmenter it runs in low priority, and maybe updating the system index.

Such actions are normal to vista's automated system maintenance policy, it tries to perform jobs required to make the system stable and reliable even without user intervention.

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Index may be the answer

by exvallarta In reply to What's vista doing in the ...

Vista search is very fast but only because of the index program which lists everything on the computer and where it is. It works whenever your not working.

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