whats window vista and what new features do it have?

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i want the answer only regarding this topic.

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Read this . . . especially the last paragraph.

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Try looking here:

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Usually if you want to know the features of a product, try the manufacturers website first.

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Quick & Simple answer

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whats window vista

Windows Vista is the new product of Microsoft in the Windows OS Range.

It currently has 14 variants though this number may increase in a short time to include Home Servers.

what new features do it have

This depends on which version you look at the basic has less functionality than XP Home but does have better Isolation between IE and the Windows Kernel.

Every version has better graphic capability though not every computer can make use of them.

The main advantage of Vista is that's it's all you can now buy new so any new product that you buy it will be Vista in one form or another.


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