What's wrong with my Dell Latitude D610??

By tardyhero ·
I've had my laptop for a little over a year now, and the prolem started 5 months ago. After 5 minutes of turning it on, everything -the mouse, the keyboard- would freeze, and the interesting thing is, it would go back to normal if i put some pressure on the lower left part of my laptop.

It got worse and worse. Now, i literally have to lean the weight of my entire leg on it, and put pressure on the upper right corner for it to work. I know doing that probably made it worse, but please help!

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Bottom left of your laptop is the cooling intake fan ! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to What's wrong with my Dell ...

There is every possibility that all your pressing and squashing techniques have been clearing a passage for air to cool the laptop down.

Perhaps there is some form of blockage in the intake vent and applied pressure is moving it sufficiently to allow air into the chassis, thereby cooling down an overheating CPU.

Why on earth did you not have it repaired while it was still under warranty?

I suggest you get a can of compressed air and give the ventilation system (including all the fans and intake/exhaust ports) a good blast using the little straw that come with the can.

Make sure that the fans cannot move while you are applying the blast of air, otherwise they could generate electricity which would be fed BACKWARDS into the laptop and damage some of the components.

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thank you

by tardyhero In reply to Bottom left of your lapto ...

Thanks for the quick reply! My laptop DOES get really hot quickly, scorching hot in fact, that i can't put it on my lap, lest i want to get burnt.

Will a laptop cooler pad work?
Oh about the warranty... i got the laptop as a hand-me-down from my uncle who works at Dell, and he never used the laptop, but he had it for a while. So no warranty for me.

I will try what you suggested and will update.

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or a short?

by balge In reply to What's wrong with my Dell ...

could also be an internal short, the only way to sort either problem is open it up and clear the airways and check for contacts

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by tardyhero In reply to or a short?

thanks so much for a speedy reply. i will update very soon once i've tried to fix my laptop.

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I have the exact same thing happenning

by techm3 In reply to What's wrong with my Dell ...

Did you ever find out the cause of your problem because the same exact thing started happening to my Latitude D610 today out of the blue. My CPU temp is normal and fan is operating fine. It is a hardware issue. It freezes at any time the laptop is on... could be during boot up or when in the BIOS or diagnostics utility. When I apply pressure to the front left corner then everything resumes. It is like the system pauses and resumes when constant downward pressure is applied to the front left corner next to the touch pad. In Windows, the freezing is most noticeable by the mouse not responding... just apply pressure to the corner and everything continues perfectly. I suspect the mainboard may have a small crack in it or a loose connection in the front left area. I will take it apart to investigate and will post my results, if any.

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So, I took it apart to investigate

by techm3 In reply to I have the exact same thi ...

I took it apart to investigate what could be causing this. Everything appeared to be fine. The front left area of the laptop contains the pcmcia card and the hard drive beneath that. I tried removing the pcmcia card but the problem persisted. The pins on the hard drive and the motherboard both looked perfect. I tried using a plastic wedge to apply pressure to a few places around the hard drive but that had limited success. I'm guessing that a new motherboard would resolve this issue. Until then I'm stumped. Does anyone have any useful suggestions?

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Its a Dell and if its off warranty think planned breakdown

by CG IT In reply to So, I took it apart to in ...


While I recommend Dell, always have to keep in mind that computers & especially laptops do breakdown.

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