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What's wrong with my harddrive?

By galletita ·
Hey Guys -
Ok so here's my problem:

I think my external harddrive is dying.
I have all of my music on it.
I normally listen to it through iTunes, and about half of the songs now "can't be found".
When I open the drive's folder it's completely empty, but if i manually type the name of a folder within the drive it'll pop up. The pie graph still shows that it's as full as it was before but still - about half the songs won't work. Is it possible that this is happening because I downloaded a corrupt song? When I restart my computer it says something about having to check one of the disks and after about two hours it verifies that about 2,500 files don't work or whatever. Is there any way to fix this, etc etc?
Sorry for the lameness of this post - I'm obviously not much of a computer wiz. If there's anything I left out let me know.

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by galletita In reply to What's wrong with my hard ...

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by Oz_Media In reply to What's wrong with my hard ...

I have seen i-Tunes as very unstable but it does sound it may be a disk issue. Try running check disk on it. Open My Computer, right click the disk you want checked and select properties. Left click on Tools and then left click on Check Now button.

I know I have MANY playlists for doing mobile music, preshow intros etc. and before ANY show I have to go through and verify that they are all still good or else I will make new copies to take with me.

You can try using MP3 shield on them, but I don't know if it will fix i-Tunes.

You can check the i-Tunes site and see if they have a similar tool to fix currupted files.

I am still thinking it sounds like a hooped disk, or maybe a dead partition, my need a format disk repair.

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by irctrix In reply to What's wrong with my hard ...

It might not be the drive itself. It might be the external case it is in. Try unhooking your drive from the external case and hooking it up internally. I have found that this works well with external drives when problems arise due to the board in the external case going bad in some way.

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