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whats wrong with my monitor?

By derek_furlong ·
whenever i come back to my computer after i have left it running for a while my monitor has no display and the power LED just flickers, i usually have to jiggle the power cord to get my desktop back. besides replacing the power cord what else could be causing this problem?

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by mjd420nova In reply to whats wrong with my monit ...

You didn't say what OS you have but you could check the power section in the control panel. The monitor maybe set to hibernate or power off without activity for a period of time that is selectable. Also you may just have to move the mouse to activate the monitor.

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by kasunray In reply to whats wrong with my monit ...

I think first answer is the correct one.You have to check with the OS.Theres nothing to do with hardware or cable.Just check if there is powerschemes has set on

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by ssampier In reply to whats wrong with my monit ...

If you MUST jiggle the power cord, there *could* be a loose connection there. The other solutions are probably more likely. Try holding down ESC on the keyboard or moving the mouse rapidly.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to whats wrong with my monit ...

I agree the most likely thing is that your system has gone into Hibernation but if that's not the case it's possible that a wire had broken in the Power Lead and stops making contact. If you have a plug in power lead it could be the actual lead which is an easy fix as you just have to try another one and see if it works. In this case if it's doesn't work it's also possible that the socket that you are plugging into needs soldering with an Electronics Soldering Iron as they can work loose but not as often.

If you don't have a plug in lead you'll need to pull the monitors back off and replace the power lead which can be messy with some of the older generation of CRT Monitors as they have a molded filling on the lead that locks it into place.

But with any lead of any kind you never want to pull it through a sharp bend at it's fixing point as they are more likely to break at this point. If the leads are not long enough to comfortably reach the power sockets fit an extension lead to prevent future breakages.

But I would be guessing that as you wobble the leads around you are leaning on the keyboard/Mouse and causing the system to turn back on as a result.


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by derek_furlong In reply to whats wrong with my monit ...

ok my fault i wasnt clear enough, this problem just started last week so i dont think that its any power setting issue. also even if unplug it and then replug the problem is not fixed, its like it needs to be in the right angle. i've even unplugged it just enough to where there is still a connection and sometimes that works but mostly its a good sturdy jiggle that gets it.

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Monitor Flickers

by ron In reply to

I presume your monitor connection could be faulty. Dun juz check e cables, check to see it the monitor power pins or connection are losse or not

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