Whats wrong with my monitor??

By Jsellsfinicial00 ·
I have a flat panel Viewsonic 22'' monitor the other day I turned on the computer and the monitor stayed black then fuzz with a fuzz sound and digital image appeared and it was fine.. Today I turned it on and same black screen and then a greyish color screen with horizontal lines and no image will appear bought new DVI cord and nothing and even tried an old D-Sub cord and nothing... Help this monitor is only 2 years old..

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Well, it rather sounds to me like it is going bad.

by seanferd In reply to Whats wrong with my monit ...

I had a lovely 2 year old Viewsonic CRT that just wouldn't display at all one day.

From reports elsewhere, it sounds like Viewsonic just isn't producing the quality of equipment it once did.

Just to check, have you tried a different power cord or outlet?

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throw the 2 cents in with seanferd time for new monitor

by CG IT In reply to Well, it rather sounds to ...
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Does it have twin switchable inputs? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Whats wrong with my monit ...

Y'know - like a DVI input and an HDMI input. The sort of arrangement where you might have a PC connected to one input and a Console connected to the other?

If it does I'll bet the monitor input switch has gone - the little button on the monitor fascia where you select the input. If you've got the second input, try that one instead.

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Its under warranty if you have receipt

by patb071 In reply to Whats wrong with my monit ...

ViewSonic LCD computer display products carry a three (3) year limited warranty for parts, labor and LCD backlight. Optiquest products carry a limited warranty of one (1) year for parts, labor and backlight. In order to receive warranty service, proof of purchase of the ViewSonic product is required. To obtain warranty service, call ViewSonic Customer Support: 800-688-6688 in the U.S. and 866-463-4775 in Canada.

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