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Whats wrong with this plan?

By Able-Admin ·
Ok, I have a small w2k domain with 5 workstations and 1 PDC/fileserver

My boss wants to add 2 new workstations into the mix with a very limited budget. I however would feel much better if we also had a BDC to cover our butts if something every happened to the PDC/filesever.

What I plan on doing is purchasing one computer as a workstation with W2K Pro and the other as a BDC with W2k Server. A very trusted user would use this computer as thier workstation for accounting.

Now, here are my questions:

1. will the second server still act as a BDC (recieve copies of the user accounts ect..)if the accountant is logged on as a different user?

2. To save money I plan on buying the second server w/o W2K installed and just install myself with an existing disk. Would I just need a "Microsoft Windows 2000 Server License ~$249" Or would I need a "Microsoft Windows 2000 Server License WITH 5 CAL's ~$450"? (basically does the BDC inherit the CAL's from the PDC or does it need its own for clients to connect.


If you see any other problems that I may be missing, please feel free to let me know.

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by madroxxx In reply to Whats wrong with this pla ...

1. Yes

2. It needs it's own CAL's.

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Your asking for trouble...

by Dynoe In reply to Whats wrong with this pla ...


In asking a "trusted" user to use your BDC as a workstation you are asking for a lot of trouble. If this "trusted" user were to use any of the available MMC's on the server (i.e.: User Manager for Domains or Server Manager) he could wreck your domain structure. I understand that having a BDC in case of an accident is a nice thing to have, but the cost of the PC and licenses alone are unjustified. I would suggest that instead invest your money on a good UPS and keep good backups. Also, although never really considered, keep an ERD of your PDC. This will allow for you to restore any system configs in case of a system crash.
If you have other questions, please reply to this post.

Oh, and the BDC needs its own CAL's.

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Whats wrong with this plan

by Jzoltowsky In reply to Your asking for trouble.. ...

Invest in another harddrive and a controller that will do RAID1 (Mirror). This way if a harddrive fails, you have the other one to get you back up and running in minutes...

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Come on, build a cheap little computer

by public In reply to Whats wrong with this pla ...

Hey, Just build a very very cheap little computer to act like a BDC. A cheap motherboard, cheap case, cheap HD, cheap cheap cheap cheap. **** I can probalbly build a slow cheap little guy for like 1750 buks. Dont need a monitor or mouse or keyboard, just use a network remote control program (WINVNC is free). Also, be sure to mirror the drive on your PDC with another drive. Trust me on this.

good luck


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