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whats wrong with what i have done

By meedo1981 ·
i have a server running win nt4.0 and exchange 5.5 and this is the only server in my network and i have 20 clients running win98 and outlook2000, now what i have done is that i took the win nt4.0 server offline and i bought a brand new pc i installed windows2000 server on the new pc and exchange 2000, i configured the new pc network settings exactly the same settings as the win nt4.0 (same ip, FQDN,DNS,etc...). and the i added all the mail users and domain users that were configured on the win nt4.0 server. i tested the new mail server and it worked fine it send and recived from external mail servers, now when i replaced that new pc instead of the win nt4.0 server and when the clients try send and recieve the outlook reports that it cant find the mail server, when i restarted the clients pc it couldnt log onto the domain,,, y is that happening while the new pc has exactly the same settings as the old server, can any one help me plz urgently. thnx

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by Lizzy In reply to whats wrong with what i h ...

I believe that Outlook mail clients on the local machines specify the mail server by name. Does the Win2K server have the same name as the other one? It may not work because in Windows NT, new names on a different machine address may have to be reconciled all over again. Did you import the users' email to the new server or recreate their accounts and settings? This could also be a problem. In NT class I was told that if you delete a user mail account and recreate it using exactly the same name, the account identifiers in the SAM are still different. I would think this is the same principle.
Not much help, but it could lead you in the right direction.

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by mhartmann In reply to whats wrong with what i h ...

Well, I believe that your main problem are the differen SIDs !

But sadly you didnt put enough info in here, how you did that Server-Mail Merge. Try to put some more infos in here !

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by jschein In reply to whats wrong with what i h ...

Different SIDs? Come on now.. New server, NO SID ISSUES... SID only applies to imaged pc's which would try and access a network share. Duplicate SIDs cause an issue. This is not what he's having.

As far as outlook... Did you name your new server setup with the same identical name and I.P. address? If not, you will have to reconfigure your clients to connect to the new system. Please post more info as to this and the 2nd post above mine.

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by jim.schromm In reply to whats wrong with what i h ...

If the NT mail server was the only server on the network then it was the domain and must have been configured as the Primary Domain Controller (PDC). The Windows 2000 server must be configured as the PDC for the domain if the NT server has been removed.

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by meedo1981 In reply to whats wrong with what i h ...

ok guys,i am using exactly the same settings as the other winnt 4.0(name,ip,domain name,and the everything else)but i didnt export the users from the other windows, instead i created them manually,now if the problem was the sids. what do i have to do to avoid that problem ??

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by maddiuex In reply to whats wrong with what i h ...

disjoin the Pcs from the domain , and then rejoin them

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