whats wrong

By lukewarhurst966 ·
i just bought a brand new computer and whenever i turn it on it says reboot and insert boot media......? the cmpany said i should install xp as it did not come with it on there.if i install it will it fix this problem or not?


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What company said that?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to whats wrong

"the cmpany said i should install xp as it did not come with it on there"

Did you know when you bought it that it had no Operating System?
Is it a laptop or a desktop?
Do you know where to find the hardware drivers for it if you are going to try to install an Operating System?
Do you know what hardware is on the system?
Have you ever installed an Operating System before?

Installing an Operating System may or may not fix the problem. If there isn't one on there it probably will, but you have to have a lot more information on hand than just an Operating System disk.

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What company did you by it from?

by ComputerCookie In reply to whats wrong

Do you have some specs on the computer?
If you have a decent computer it won't matter wether you put XP or Vista on it, it comes down to what drivers are required. Vista shouldn't cost you any more than XP. Depending on the version you want Vista can be cheaper!

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When you bought it

by The Scummy One In reply to whats wrong

was it supposed to have Windows on it? Did it come with an OS cd/dvd?

If not, I would suggest downloading a free Linux distro like PCLinuxOS, or Ubuntu (easy to learn). Then hit up for some help if needed.

If you bought a new system, and it was supposed to have Windows on it, I would take it back and purchase elsewhere

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