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What's your best Nigerian scam story?

By jardinier ·
I get many of these every day which are almost always relegated to the spam folder. I check my spam folder every day because it is not at all uncommon for a legitimate email to be assigned there.

However the 419s are easily recognizable from the subject line and so I delete them without reading them.

This guy however deserves an Oscar. Unfortunately I find that I have deleted his first email, which was a real tear-jerker. It was all about how he had only been interested in making money and had done no good deed to anyone.

I am so glad to read from you today, I will be very happy if you will help me make this wish come true. May God help us both and give you the wisdom and understand to fulfill this wish for me, you will be greatly blessed and I also assure you that you will have what I promise if you help me out completely in one faith and trust. I'm so very happy to read this happier kind words again and I also want to beg your apology if my email is strange to you.

My request has no negative intentions as it is not a business and also not a money making venture, this is strictly for charity as it is my last wish as am still alive and my contacting you is divine for i want you to know that my contacting you is indeed not by mere coincidence but by the direction of the lord. I must say your email would not have been better presented than you have done, sincerely I have not lived a very good life that is worthy of emulation until now that I found God's love in me.

Although I was not wicked but I only cared too much about money until now that I realize that there is a life after this one we have here on earth. I believe we all will answer our call and it is important that we live a legacy while we are alive am already saved and so i am not trying to buy my way to heaven but i am only trying to leave a good legacy behind. It is for this reasons I am seeking for your assistance to stand as the beneficiary to the fund and retrieve it on my behalf and dispatched it to charity organizations.

Truthfully I find it hard to really trust people because my family and extended ones were so wicked and cruel with the experience from my family members but since if i die the money will go to waste and also since i cant do it myself i have no choice but to confide in you. In other not to take chances any longer i will be glad if you can help me make this my last wish come true.

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On the way

by jardinier In reply to What's your best Nigerian ...

Four years ago, through a Christian website, I was contacted by a (then) 28-year-old orphan Magdalene, who was living in Buduburum Refugee camp in Ghana, along with many other refugees from the civil uprising in her homeland of Liberia.

I felt sorry for Magdalene as she had lost all her immediate relatives. We had a friendly communication and I sent her small amounts of money from time to time.

Eventually she returned to Liberia where, I have just been informed, she died as a result of having been savagely raped in Ghana. She underwent emergency surgery in Ghana, and more extensive surgery in Liberia, but apparently she was still not properly healed.

The friend who notified me of Magdalene's death said I would be receiving an email from a lawyer who had represented her late father.

Big build up? Well here is the email I have received from the lawyer:

Dear.Mr. Julian Hancok.

I am please to introduce myself to you as Barrister Adjei Amponsah,lawyer for the
Barclay bank here in Ghana.
This email is coming to you on behalf of one my late client's died long ago and daughter also followed. Such a tragedy. Her name was Magdalene, by whom I got your contact before she died three weeks ago in Liberia.

Any way I will like to confirm if you are the rightful person I am talking with.
Looking forword to hearing from you.

Cllr.Barrister Adjei Amponsah
Contact 00-233-540834100

If there was money there, surely it would have been available to Magdalene.

I wait with bated breath.

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