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What's your choice?

By kouie_cha ·
I'd say depending on the quality of the computer from desktops to lap tops, name brand doesn't really matter. If the lap top/desktop suites you, then it sounds like you're going to buy it. =} I usually stick with Hp components because it has good quality in looks and up to performance. What would you pick?

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My pick

by Ed Woychowsky In reply to What's your choice?

Toshiba, I've had good luck with them in the past.

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by Shellbot In reply to What's your choice?

i absolutly love my Vaio....
only had it a few months...but even if it only lasts me a couple of years..i'd probably buy another!

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I liked my ThinkPad

by jdclyde In reply to Sony

until some dummie left it to close to an open window the night it rained.....

Can you believe IBM doesn't make their laptops water proof? :0 ;\

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Yes. I can also believe....

by gadgetgirl In reply to I liked my ThinkPad

you haven't fixed the darn thing yet!


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It just joined the pile

by jdclyde In reply to Yes. I can also believe. ...

right now, both of my laptops are down (the other continually reboots, thanks windows!), and that joins my three desktops that are under the weather, (another continually reboots, **** me windows!) one had a HD crash (can I blame MicroSoft for that?) and the other has major issues and needs a wipe/reload.


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I agree, brand name is of less importance than features

by DadsPad In reply to What's your choice?

But in laptops, I would only by a name brand I know. My laptop is a Gateway, my wife uses it and likes it a lot. Have had no problems with it.

My desktop is home made, so everything that goes wrong with it is my fault. :)

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I had just been thinking about that this weekend

by jdclyde In reply to I agree, brand name is of ...

On how people don't talk as much about the electronics inside a desktop as much as they used to. Now it is a generic Xmhz and that is all that is said. Lord, I hate MB's that don't have a slot for a video card for those that don't want to have their CPU and RAM leached off of.

Laptops are a whole nother beast, although you still don't hear much about what goes INTO them....

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JD, I know what you mean

by DadsPad In reply to I had just been thinking ...

I rarely get into disscussions on what is in my generic pc. It was new at the time, but older now. The mother board issue is changing too much. It often makes you buy a new case, instead of using the old one you like. Then, you must spend a lot of time investigating new MB. Well, I can't say that I do not enjoy this part, I do. It is bewildering finding the right one from all the different ones.

One of the things I used to like to do was use my older parts on a new mother board. That is becoming less likely in today's market. So, more and more people are buying name brands, it is less expensive and a better warranty.

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Old parts, new MB

by jdclyde In reply to JD, I know what you mean

in the "old days", the speed of the MB would not change as dramatically as it does now.

With the performance hit of putting an old card in a new system, it would take away a lot of the benefits of the new MB.

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Quality is everything

by Tig2 In reply to What's your choice?

But who can find it?

I have a Dell 600 lappie whose keyboard is crap. I have an HP lappie less than 1 year old whose ROM drive is crap. Understand your hardware and you will never go wrong.

I don't care who made your laptop, put a rack under it so that heat can escape. SO's Vaio bit the dust because of insufficient ventilation.

Understand that your components may not outlive the Mobo. Figure out in advance what you will do about that. In my case, I just ordered a new ROM for the HP and will install it when it shows up. Till then, an external drive meets my needs. And I have a USB keyboard for the Dell.

All of the manufacturers out there have some good products. Some are better than others. Regardless of what you choose, recognise that your computer is no different than your washing machine. It is an appliance. Period.

Our collective advantage is that, while we may have to call a repairman for the Maytag, we can generally fix our computers ourselves... or post a question here.

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