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Whats your favorite One-two Combo programming Languages and WHY?

By Tekillaah ·
Whats your favorite One-two Combo programming Languages and WHY?

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one-two combo?

by Jaqui In reply to Whats your favorite One- ...

why on earth would you add hastle to the development process by using more than one language in the project?
that does not make sense.

what language you use depends on several things:
os target.
personal preference.
purpose of application.
performance desires.

if you are going to be coding for heavy string manipulation, then you may want to use perl, it has the best tools for string manipulation.
but if performance is extremely important, c, c++, delphi, cobol are better options.
if it's strictly mathematical data, then use fortran, as it's focus is math.

if you just want an any moron can code it and use it app, use ms visual ( c++ and basic )
( visual tools [ drag and drop ] should only be used for creating the interface, and even then that source should be carefully edited to remove both bad code and bloat )

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Nice Replies...

by Tekillaah In reply to one-two combo?

What a wonderful advise :) Thanks for thereplies.. I highly aprreciated your very strong remarks...feed memore :)

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One-two combo

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Whats your favorite One- ...

is a left jab and kick in the nuts.
Programming languages have little to do with this unless you are working on Steetfighter VI - Kylie returns.
My favourite is to use one language for one task on one platform, even favouriter (is that a word I wonder), is one language for all tasks on all platforms, have'nt managed that one yet though.
Why on earth would you want to use two languages unless you could avoid it, any performance benefits would be far outweighed by the cost of splitting and managing resources over two environments.

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by djameson In reply to Whats your favorite One- ...

.net compiles to a common machine language so you can literally write it in anything j c c# c++ perl.net etc. you get the benefits of all the strengths of all the language discipline and the speed and reliablility of a common machine language and common libraries.

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by mreaves53 In reply to Whats your favorite One- ...

I am constantly amazed at what I can do with php and mySQL. The biggest amazement is the generic or form web page I can build to do what ever over and over with the data I pull from mySQL with php. If you would like examples, feel free to contact me.

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