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What's Your Home Network Look Like?

By rkuhn ·
How many PC's?

How many servers?

What OS's?

How much bandwidth?

How much hard drive space?

Running any websites? Mail servers?

Anything unique about your network?

I'll start.

3 servers, 3 PC's, 3 laptops.

I run everything from Win 95 through XP (not counting Vista beta) along with Win NT through Win 2k3 Server (including SBS 2003). Some are physical, some are virtual, some are dual boot.

I have a 6 MB connection through DSL (cable company won't open port 25 for me and DSL does), I have somewhere around 1-1.5 TB of hard drive space, running one website, one intranet, and running Exchange.

I'm spread out over 2 floors both wired and wireless including my garage, have 2 routers, 2 switches, 2 AP's and a repeater.

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Hmmm 3 PC's 1 server

by Michael L Hereid Sr In reply to What's Your Home Network ...

My son has XP Pro on PC I built
My granddaughters have one with XP Pro
I have Vista Ultimate
Then for server- I have Windows Home Server Beta-one router-cable modem
Spread over 2 floors.
8 MB/s on cable
All pc's built by me.

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3 pc's, one being used as a server

by DanLM In reply to What's Your Home Network ...

I live in a 1 floor appartment and I haven't gone wireless yet. So, everything is in the same room due to the better half not letting me run cable all through the house.

1 desk top(this one), laura's lap top, and my file server(BSD). I maintain a couple of hobby web sites, so I have apache running on my bsd server code and test my sites before I move them over.

I have... ummmmm, roflmao... 250(mp3s), 160(isos), 40(bsd os), 500(backup), 250(this desk top), and ummmm. what ever laura has on her lap top. I'll looking to build a raid 5 unit for that bsd machine, but I have too many other expense's going out the door right now for non toy's.

I probably will go wireless someday, but it's just not at the top of my priority list. I'm cable, so I don't have ports 25 or 80. I use different port settings. I use the free service for my dns. Linksus router with specific ports being directed at specific machines.

In other words, it really isn't much of a home network.


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Too much too many

by mjd420nova In reply to What's Your Home Network ...

I have 4 desktops, 3 wired to a 4 port router with parellel port, 1 wireless on a 4 wired 4 wireless router, 2 wireless laptops, a wireless PS3, and a wireless PSP. I didn't add the PS2 wired to the WIFI but that's all. I have one desktop for video functions, one for audio functions and another for just storage space. They all run WINXPHOME SP2. The LAN speed is near 9 Mbs with three units online streaming audio but two units could get 10Mbs. I use Comcast cable with the WIFI router connected to the modem and not the wired unit. The wired router has the parellel port for a network printer, an old HP Laserjet. The video unit has 2GB memory, P4 at 3gig with twin 150GB drives on UDMA 133 and a 256MB Nvidia video card and a DVD burner drive with direct video capture card. The audio has the Creative Audigy series card with sound studio and 7.1 speaker array along with twin 100GB drives and a Plextor high speed CD burner, no special video. The storage unit has three 250GB hard drives and a mountain filesafe tape backup unit. The laptops are my son/daughters units and the PS3 and PSP are just add ons. I have a graphic tablet, 2400 DPI scanner and cheap HP color inkjets on USB that can be hooked to any of the units.

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I gotta ask about the game systems

by Neon Samurai In reply to Too much too many

I've a ps2 stacked in under the TV and it's "other network" of sorts. If I run a wire up ot the back of the ps2, what can it pull down though a network?

I'm guessing the psp and ps3 get updates by network with the ps3 getting all the other media goodness it has access too (tried the Linux distro for it yet?) Does the psp actually function with the ps3 like a wireless controller or was that a myth? Since they are both on a network, you must have some fun ps3 vs psp gaming action.

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Good question Neon

by mjd420nova In reply to I gotta ask about the gam ...

I'm not much of a gamer myself, my youngest son(26) does all the gaming so I'll have to ask him. I just do the setups and all, withtwo routers, I need to get the MAC address from each so I can load it into the filters. I do know that he had to download some updates for the PSP to the PS3 and then to the PSP from there, both are wireless. More later

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my own personal playground

by Neon Samurai In reply to What's Your Home Network ...

this humble home;

currently seven nodes including a PDA, two desktops, two notebooks, a low end NAS box and the router. I've had to send the rest of my "play" computers away but thank goodness there's VMware so I didn't have to send the logical machines away, just the physical.

Primary Desktop
- WinXP native
- Mandriva native
- Guest VM; Dos6.22, win98, winXP, Mandriva, a liveCD host, OpenWRT Kamikaze, ZenossVM, JanusVM, FreeBSD (added last week) and Plan9 (with limited success so far)

Secondary Desktop
- osX on a G4

Primary Notebook
- winXP native
- Mandriva native
- various liveCD if I'm not in a Mandriva or win32 mood

Primary PDA
- PalmOS connecting through 11b when the mood takes me and I'm feeling "lucky" enough to drop from 11g lockdown

Wife's Notebook
- osX on a macbook pro

- OpenWRT native

- some cheap vendor provided firmware but it manages Samba and FTP

In past I've used dual NIC server as the network gateway and NAS. I also had an IBM Netfinity 5000 plugged in and off to the side providing limited NAS though primarily for fiddling with and learning about. My WinServer experience is all from past work building small business servers and managing hosted domains under IIS. Presently the budget NAS box provides shared storage. In future I expect to add a full blown NAS with a second server for some form of Exchange like program

I'm running through a cable highspeed. In past I've had at least an FTP for my personal files, a mail server and an HTTP running ColdFusion front ends for my various databases at the time. I have since discontinued the practice after too many "You'r not allowed to have a server on that plan" calls from my ISP. They find the port open and come chasing after you regardless of what your doing with it and if it's secured.

We're in a townhouse so the area to cover is pretty small. My hardware all resides in the basement with the router blasting Wifi up through the two floors without getting much radius through the foundation. My two desktops are wired but the notebooks roam round the house to where we want them.

It could change completely next month but for now that's the LAN I call my personal play ground.

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by bluemax786 In reply to What's Your Home Network ...

I'm a big time gamer. I have:

my main PC with Win XP (gaming and storage)
my secondary PC with Win Xp (gaming)
Laptop with Vista (portable system)
PS3 on wireless network (802.11g)
Wii on wireless network
Xbox 360 on wireless network (via gamelink)

My main PC has 3 160 GB drives, a 200 GB, a 300 GB, an 80 GB, and a 120 GB - about 1.2 TB total

No servers or webpages, don't want to make the ISP angry

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