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    What’s your job status?


    by Michael Kassner ·

    Do you think the IT job market is getting better? What?s your present work status?unemployed, happily employed, or employed but still looking for that perfect job?

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      Unemployment Hell

      by jamesburke18 ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      My current status? Unemployed. I made the jump to this business in June of 1999. I took a class offered by the State of California to learn how to repair computers. I soon got a job after that repairing computers at a small repair shop. I passed my A+ while working there, it was great experience. I was able to rely on my past 10 years of customer service with an airline to effectively talk with customers who either need problems fixed on their computers or needed advise on a new computer. It was a very pleasant place to work but it was losing money, the owner who hired me sold it a month before 9/11. The new owner, as well as he could, just didn’t have a handle on the business and I found myself as a result, walking the unemployement line.

      Chapter Two….
      The market here in California, especially the Bay Area, is tight. As a newbie to the industry, I’m trying like hell to get more certs and trying to get small jobs. From time to time, I help people with their computers and answer their questions. As for my focus on getting a job, I’ve been looking for help desk work. A few nibbles but they take the bait and leave the hook. I’m trying to impress upon the prospects that I’ve 10 years experience with an airline, in the reservation dept, it was not uncommon to talk with at least 80-100 people a day. I can talk and type at the same time. The long and the short of it is, I have the skill and there are no takers.

      Okay, I’m fixating….In my humble opinion, the present job market is not getting any better.

      By the way, if anyone know who could be hiring in the Bay Area, leave me note. Thanks 🙂

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      Tech Job Status

      by itsilk21 ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      The consulting work available to my team has diminished substantially, and is not picking up yet, at least not much. I feel most companies are looking to milk their legacy systems for as long as they can since 1999 & Y2K, and then will open up theirbudgets in 2003-2004 I feel. This is being done to minimize expenses and increase net operating income as much as possible. Companies are looking to make financial results at the expense of many needed IT initiatives.

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        That is PRECISELY the situation

        by road-dog ·

        In reply to Tech Job Status

        In tight and uncertain times, it is natural for corporations to stop expanding and cut back on capital expenditures. If there are no plans to expand, existing comm infrastructure is deemed sufficient to meet business goals. (IE survival)

        It is absolutely essential to meet projected earnings in order to not join the list of “endangered” companies. If market share drops, then companies must cut back on overhead and capital expenditures to offset the reduced earnings.

        Take a look at Nortel,according to one of the cable news financial wizzes, they are close to being delisted. (I’m not 100% factually sure on this, I believe I heard it on my way to the coffee pot.)If a company fails to meet earnings projections by too much too long, the stock loses value and shareholders dump it. If a flurry of dumping happens, the company loses value and ability to fund operations. Doom spiral.

        What all this means is, companies are running scared and thinking short. This WILL turn around and thedecline will also.

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        I agree

        by Anonymous ·

        In reply to Tech Job Status

        Most companies have put a hold on new expenditures and that includes hiring new personnel. One fact that does not change is that equipment will be replaced every several years. It’s not that it’s worn out or obsolete, it’s the depreciation schedule that the company uses for it’s taxes. When companies start buying it increases the market for other products and jobs. You usually see a new cycle every four years or so. The tough part is holding out until the feeding frenzie starts up again.

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      The worst in 5 years

      by weegeordie ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      I’ve been out since last November, almost a year now. This is my 3rd downsizing in the past 5 years and I’ve never seen the market so tight as it is now.

      The job search process has changed dramatically in that time as well, which may be a contributing factor. The job boards were around back then but the traditional method of advertising in newspapers was still a major technique. Back then the Saturday paper came with 2 full, and weighty, careers sections. Now it’s a couple of pages at the back of the business section. I suspect the process of accumulating resumes via the internet may be overwhelming HR departments who have to resort to automated screening tools to make it through the volume of submissions. Getting a resume to a hiring managers desk is more of a practise in understanding the filtering tools than having an understanding of the requirements of the job and the skills to perform it.

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      Tail Wagging the Dog

      by ghosbtuster ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      It’s a dirty rotten shame that Corporate views IT as “overhead”, “necessary evil”…pick your own phrase. The fact is, the “overhead” is in either the turnover or in the diminished efforts of the IT people.
      In gov’t, for example, about the only wayfor an IT professional (other disciplines, too) to get a raise is to change jobs. Which is to say, move to another branch of government.
      Our own Agency lost two people to another Agency, while two people from that same Agency came over here; all in the same month. Each employee got a 1 step increase (4%) in addition to the cost of retraining all 4 people.
      The tragedy is, the Governor’s Office saw NO turnover in State Gov’t in that transaction. In discussing it with the Governor’s task force,they said that, statistically, gov’t turnover wasn’t “appreciable”.
      I told them that they were getting their statistics from the wrong source. They were reading the numbers from the State Retirement System, instead of the Office of Personnel Mgmt.This problem can’t be isolated to gov’t. I’m sure that in the private sector, perhaps even within a company, itself, the problem is wiedspread.
      The question was, is the IT job market getting better. The answer, IMHO, is a resounding, “NO!” Personnel are simply playing the shell game.
      It’s just sad that the bean counters are looking at the whole thing backwards and not seeing the picture. The only thing I can’t figure out is why they are constantly complaining that labor and training costs areincreasing and they can’t “put our finger on it.”
      I’d welcome comments on this. Keep in mind this is a “max length:1930” character generalization of a vast problem.

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        I’ve had to diversify

        by road-dog ·

        In reply to Tail Wagging the Dog

        in a big way to stay busy as an independent consultant. I had to pick up additional skills and resume pulling cable on occasion. This is technically a step backward, but I can still afford my high speed Internet access!

        Hang in there, guys & gals. There is a boom after every bust. Do what you have to and wait for it. I can still remember the ’70s with HIGH unemployment. My best friend’s dad was a laid-off Electrical Engineer installing carpet with my dad.

        Good times will follow.

        If you’re on down time, find a struggling company that has IT needs. Extend them some hours on credit. (you aren’t losing anything but time) This is effective for building a RELATIONSHIP that will pay off later.

        I’m done this with a customer that was a signature (literally) away from bankruptcy. They decided to gut it out and not file the papers. This client is turning around and they are planning on sending a check my way very soon. When they do hit their stride, I am their IT outsource on retainer.

        Be flexible, be optimistic, be ready. Good luck everybody!

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        Fiscal Year

        by road-dog ·

        In reply to Tail Wagging the Dog

        The new fiscal year starts soon in the government. Make sure that your contacts database is updated for government contractors. It will begin to rain money soon, be ready to grab any openings that will be created.

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      Senior Mismanagement

      by oldefar ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      The market is still tight and getting worse. A good first step would be for top corporate management to cap their compensation at 15 times the compensation of the lowest paid employee – equivelent to what a 4-star general makes in relation to a newrecruit. This would put thousands of laid off IT workers back in their jobs and restore some integrity and confidence in the market. Another step is to close the H-1B program that has displaced so many US IT workers with lower cost foreign workers. Finally, IT needs to link itself to the core business. No more technology for technology sake.

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        You’ve GOT to be kidding

        by road-dog ·

        In reply to Senior Mismanagement

        Kid working on the loading dock, high school diploma (maybe) $6.00 per hour.

        Corporate Exec, MBA+ $90 per hour?

        Get a grip! Even if ALL of the management took such a ridiculous pay rate, it wouldn’t guarantee any of us an IT job.

        Many corporate execs are overpaid, no dispute there. Your plan is doomed to failure due to market forces.

        Even then, It would not restore market confidence. The Tech crash was due to stupid investment. $200/share without even a single quarter inthe black?

        The stock market is NOT the economy. If NASDAQ were the economy, explain the real estate crash of the 80’s and the petroleum crash of the 70’s.

        The economy HAS slowed, but is still GROWING at a rate of 3% this year. Tech is particularly hard hit in this cycle, but pharmaceuticles and real estate are doing relatively well.

        As for closing H1B – IT, I agree with you there.

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        Good Idea

        by kevinl ·

        In reply to Senior Mismanagement


        Absolutely agree that executives are massively overpaid relative to the least well off in their corporation. It’s an abomination.

        USA Today had a story last week about the remarkable growth of the exec:worker differential since the ’70s. The ratio is off the page.

        And since execs are paid out of overhead, a $1 saved on some schmuck’s golf perk is a $1 that can go toward a new server, or router refresh.

        I’m no communist on this. Matter of fact, I’m using myshareholder status with some tech companies to pitch a b*^^%% with them about this very matter.

        Good luck.


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          Unless IT services are your PRODUCT.

          by road-dog ·

          In reply to Good Idea

          then your compensation package IS overhead.

          If you think the CXXs of a company are overpaid and of poor quality / ethics, DON’T BUY THE STOCK!

          Lets’ follow your logic. SBC Datacomm just announced intent to RIF some 6,000+ employees. Assuming an average salary of say, 50K.

          X 6000


          Well for god’s sake Get those guys a P.O.! Thats about half a million routers! HAPPY DAY!

          We’ll all be staging router for the rest of the year!

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      times have changed for the worse….

      by griz6952 ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      i have been in IT for 20 years with a fairly good resume…i have been unemployed for over a year after moving from the dc/baltimore area to south florida…all jobs are tight and the employers are being specific to the point of bypassing good people who can definitely help them…i have been ‘diversifying’ and have done some small biz consulting but it ain’t paying the bills…the wife is currently…i am getting very discouraged about returning at all to IT…good luck to all of us…the govtsyas the job market and the economy is improving…well that is a crock and i’m surveying my many unemployed acquaintances…

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      MIS-C “managing Info Solo-Chaos”

      by mis ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      Employed as Manager of Info. Sys., but in reality a ‘solo’ dept. As more companies limit staff or cut staff, the demands to support and solve all types of information issues is overwhelming. Original salaries rarely compensate properly until you prove your worth, but with freezes and cutbacks, the industry requires that far more is done… with far less.
      It is becoming increasingly difficult to adequately police, advise, and manage servers, workstations, policies, purchases, and still have time for Data Warehouse development, training and support.
      The problem I observe and hear about tends to point that compensation is adequate for the job you are intended for, but not ALL OF THE JOBS that you are DOING!
      Count me in the Employed butstill looking category.

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      exception to the rule (I guess)

      by mthayer ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      Someone has to pipe up and bring the mood of this thread up a bit. I am currently quite happy with my position as the “Information System Specialist” at a small company. Actually, I am the whole IT department as well as other odd jobs as need arrises.
      I have been in this position for about 2 years now. Before getting this job, I had been out of Technical work for about a year and-a-half, working as an assistant manager of a pizza place. I found this job through a temp agency, starting as an administrative assistant(filling in for a woman out on maternaty leave). When she returned, I was offered the job I am currently in. Although the money could be better, I feel it will catch up to my position when things start picking up in business.

      Just want to offer a ray of hope for all of you looking for your dream job. Sometimes the job your looking for will find you. Perseverance pays off.


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        Good For You

        by kevinl ·

        In reply to exception to the rule (I guess)

        Glad to hear you landed a job. Enjoy it.

        I’ve been with the same firm in their IT departments since ’88. Am in management now. We’re still looking for solid workers. Not easy to find them tho. The IT field sadly includes alot of BSrs, loafers and people who think they know more than the boss.

        Fire in the belly matters. You’ve shown it, and I’m sure that’s why you’re enjoying your work.

        Good luck,


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        extra-professional work

        by john_wills ·

        In reply to exception to the rule (I guess)

        My last bout(18 months) of unemployment had some relief times at low pay: I worked a few weeks as receptionist for a big local charity, making appointments for the indigent to see social workers; I may still be on the charity’s on-call list of relief workers. I worked for the Census as a payroll clerk and as an enumerator. And I worked for Wells Fargo answering the phone for business customers. Some of the customers thought I was better than most telephone answerers, although I thought I was doing no more than taking account numbers for others(with screens) to phone them back later. I was fired after 4 days, although the contract was meant to be for 2 months, because my manager took a look at my CV and deemed me over-qualified. This has been my usual problem with extra-professional work.

        Euro-Disney in an earlier bout of unemployment thought me overqualified to be a hotel clerk or Goofy, but had no IT vacancies. MacDonalds did not respond to my application, nor did Safeway, nor various other people. They assumed(rightly, as it happens), that I had some chance of a job paying much more and that I would leave on such a job materializing. So how did mthayer get the pizza asst mgr job? I would like to know, for my next time – which God forfend.

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      Are you awake –

      by jimhm ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      Come on – Lets see Enron – Worldcom – and how many others have all taken a bite out of a big S&*T sandwich. Which has help drive the stock market down – which has slowed the economy – which has cause lay offs – which drives the stock market down – hum cycle isn’t it..

      Thank God – I am employeed – by a good company (got a 2% raise this year – hey some don’t get any) – Having fun at the job – its enjoyable and exciting…

      Friends of mind have been looking for months some as long as 13 months – they are even willing to relocate and nothing. Of course unless they want to take a major salary cut for the same work – like 40% less… Its a buyers market – some have taken the major pay cuts –

      The market is getting worse – and there is no perfect job – unless you hit the lottery – then retirement and millions is the perfect job … Me I am one of the lucky few – Fat Dumb and Happy at my job – If it ends tomorrow – its been a great 5 years…

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        what do you do

        by qba98 ·

        In reply to Are you awake –

        Where do you work? What do you do? Tell me how to be “fat and happy.”

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      by zlitocook ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      I went back to work for a headhunter er contract company, they dont like the term head hunter:) There are jobs around but not what I am looking for. Some involve driving 1 or 2 hours one way others are paying to little for what thay ask. And I have been through that.

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      Unemployment – can someone advise?

      by kt7 ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      I have been in the IT industry for the last 8 years. I have worked as a Network/Systems Administrator, IT Manager and a Tech Trainer. I have a strong tech background. Have travelled the world and still I am out of work. Reason: I have no MS accreditation! I have now decided to start studying in order to get me in the door! (and I should do I know) but does experience count for nothing now in our industry?
      Should I go into programming (ASP etc…)?

      Any advice would be more than welcome.

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        THINK AGAIN !

        by fluxit ·

        In reply to Unemployment – can someone advise?

        MS certs are not going to get you a job nor are you going to get a return on your investments.

        Good people skills and the ability to sell yourself is everything.

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          by ponderworks ·

          In reply to THINK AGAIN !

          Totally agree. People skills and an ability to sell the experience you have is THE most important thing. You can come up with a sales pitch for yourself and try it out on friends until it becomes natural. Then do it and see. Certs are absolutelyhelpful but only if they relate to the job you want.

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      No growth yet in North N.J. area

      by mikengineer ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      An expected surge in job availability in Northern
      New Jersey due to the loss of quality office
      space from the 9/11 attacks has never materialized
      Many of the companies simply did not recover
      from their losses . The area is stable , but growthis flat .I have the perfect job for a developing I.T. Professional but I still keep my
      eyes and ears open .


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        This situation appears to have defied

        by road-dog ·

        In reply to No growth yet in North N.J. area

        my expectatons. In the wake of 9-11 I expected a trend where companies might leave high profile terrorism targets and move some operations to “safer” locales. I have not yet seen any news reports such as: VORTEX INDUSTRIES RELOCATES GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS TO DOTHAN, ALABAMA.

        My expectation may still come to pass if the insurers are able to push these incredibly high terrorism insurance rates through. I listen to news radio a lot and I heard that some insurers have hiked their rates by 900 percent!

        I know that NY, NY is the financial center of this sector of the galaxy, but I figured that some companies would have come to Florida where I live.

        I mean, try playing 18 holes in New York in January. That’s reason enough to move a major corporation to the sunshine state.

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      career in IT

      by solaaden ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      employed vbut want a better job

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      IS Security

      by donald e. hester, cissp mcse ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      Seems to be work in Security. Not entry level so much. Health care providers and anyone who tuoches health care information has manditory regs for security (Called HIPPA) Always seems to be a listing for those positions.

      Other than that the jobmarket in California in the Bay Area or Silicon valley sucks!

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      Still looking…

      by mbayrock ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      Status – unemployed for last 11 months. Nothing to apply for, most jobs are looking to hire technical people for low pay with manager AND techie responsibilities. I have 6 headhunters working for me, and all they say is ‘hang in there’.

      Also, Ihave never known more unemployed IT friends than I know right now. Everyone is looking.

      What have I been doing… whatever I can to keep my contacts and spirits up and the bills at bay. Renovating bathrooms, kitchens, installing hardwood floors,gardening, computer consulting, volunteering.

      Still, I hope something will come along.


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        Another Home Improvement

        by road-dog ·

        In reply to Still looking…

        Guy! I’m doing the Independent Consultant thing, and things are slow but picking up a little. I’ve been doing a lot of home improvement stuff myself.

        Rewired my entire house, existing was 35+ years old.
        Turned my garage into a bedroom for my 19 year old.
        Texture coated, drywalled, and painted almost the entire inside of my home.

        I’ve found that there were a lot of things neglected while I was busy on the road. I’m finally knocking off things from my “honeydo” list.

        I also know lots of IT guys on the bench right now. I wish I had the work for them, most would work for almost nothing to keep busy in the field.

        I’m finding that my accounts receivable is sucking up too much of my time. I’ve had to chase down customers for paymenttoo often in the last 6 months.

      • #3494153


        by mbayrock ·

        In reply to Still looking…

        As of today I am working at the Vancouver Community College as Manager, Application Services. The commute is longer than I had hoped for, but the job promises to be exciting.

        Finally, off the bench and back in the game.


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      happily employed

      by vinay_saheelus ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      can i know wat is this

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      Technocrats Create Jobs.

      by fluxit ·

      In reply to What’s your job status?

      I am tired of the doldrums of boring old technology. Jobs are created not by Republicans, not by Democraps, BY Technocrats! When are we going to move on?

      Technocrats have been a group of technical people such as engineers, scientists, and information technologist that shape our world. These people include Thomas Edision and the Wright brothers. In information technology some people include Novell, Gates, JME Baudet, and Jobs…

      Believe it or not you people are technocrats! Some of you have ideas, visions, and dreams. Now is the time to act. Where is the future taking us? I am sure your ideas are of value.

      More than any other generation, many of you are coming into a new age where change is rapid, good, and expected. We are approaching the turning point for a long term economic trend. The last time this happened was 1929. It is expected again about 2009.

      What about household appliances that go on the internet, Smart homes, Mobile data, and self healing hardware? You chuckle, think again. There is research underway right now seeking possible ways to organically design circuits. It may not be carbon based like human life but rather based on other elements.

      You people can whine about being unemployed or you can use your ideas, visions, and dreams to land jobs that take us somewhere.

      Write a letter to a company like SunBeam in Boca Raton, Fl. They went bankrupt a while back, reorganized under new leadership, and now thirsty for their place in the future. Someone needs to develop the technology and systems for those smart home appliances on the internet.

      I hope to hear positive feedback from those who are going to make a difference.

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