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What's Your Title

By brian_pyle ·
What's your title if you do it all. We are revising a number of our job descriptions and are curious what title is appropriate for someone who works in a $6.0 million dollar manufacturing company with full responsibility for network cabling, network switches and hubs, firewall, anti-virus software, spam filtering, all maintenance of the 6 servers plus 60 client workstations running Win2000 and XPpro, all documentation for said equipment, maintenance and upkeep of all software for the environment.

Thanks in advance for your comments.

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Whats your environment?

by JamesRL In reply to What's Your Title

Don't get hung up on titles. Many people get titles instead of real pay increases. I've seen Directors that have 2 staff. More important is to ensure that you have titles that align with how people are called in the non-IT parts of the business. You want the same title as your peers in other parts of the company.

I'd suggest Manager of IT Infrastructure, assuming that you have a peer who manages programming - if you don't , I'd suggest Manager of IT. I don't care how big your company is - kinda irrelevant. Should I get a fancier title because I work for a billion dollar a year company? No, not really.


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Title's dont' mean everything

by random.peeple In reply to What's Your Title

I'd rather get a raise or pay raise. For your situation I would say that "Manager of IT Infrastructure" works nicely.

You have a very similar job to mine except I have more servers and less desktops. My title is "Sr. Network Engineer and I'm the ONLY IT guy on staff..the rest are programmers.

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Do Titles Matter?

by fredb In reply to Title's dont' mean everyt ...

I have similar situation adding Linux and HPUX servers as well as the phone system. I am told here that titles don't matter but when it comes to pay scale they go out and look at what others in similar positions get paid. How do they tell if not by titles. Can a typical HR person really evaluate what is required of an IT person?

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Some suggestions

by tfitzpatrick In reply to What's Your Title

It sounds like you are describing a Network Administrator role to me. You may even want to use Network Engineer but this usually implies some sort of Certification.
Hope this helps.

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Can't call yourself an Engineer in Canada

by JamesRL In reply to Some suggestions

Unless you have a University degree in Engineering and are licensed by the Professional Engineering society.

(added: when I was a senior, I was called a Senior Technical Specialist)


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MCSE in Canada

by Too Old For IT In reply to Can't call yourself an E ...

I remember a point of contention between some group in Canada and Microsoft (who is able to call their MCSE credential whatever they please).

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My own organization

by JamesRL In reply to MCSE in Canada

Had to struggle with this - their peers in the US are called engineers, and many of these people have MSCEs.

But in Canada, we are not allowed to use the job title engineer, unless they have an engineering degree and the iron ring that goes along with acreditation.


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CEO is taken use CES

by gprinsloo In reply to My own organization

Certified Electronic Slave

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by BFilmFan In reply to What's Your Title

Does this position have budget control and personnel management authority?

If so, then they are a Manager or Director.

If they don't, then they are an Enginner.

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by mjd420nova In reply to What's Your Title

Senior Engineer. Sound right? Support Engineer
lots of "old" slants there.

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