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When a network administrator puts in his 2-week notice...

By angry_white_male ·
... what do you do?

Immediately remove him from service, disable all his access and pay him til his last day?

Trust he won't do anything bad and keep things status quo til his last day?

Quietly monitor everything he does and pull some of his privileges out?

Assume he's already filled his iPod up with everything already he can use against us later on down the road?

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couldn't hurt

by Dr Dij In reply to When a network administra ...

be sure you know all the passwords to devices such as routers and root passwords to systems if you don't have other admins for same systems.

be sure you have working backup tapes

be sure you have documentation of his day to day procedures both for normal ops and to fix things that break regularly due to load, etc.
(e.g. we had a router that crashed when too many users and only one net admin knew the 'fix')

Is there someone else who can work with this guy in last two weeks?

In an ideal setup you'd have a log device for system activities somewhere else that only the admin of that device could alter (e.g. another server that admin didn't have pwd to) and you could go back to this if anything 'blew up' suddenly.

I left a company with a paranoid tyrant boss, and got a call a couple weeks later. It was to ask where a file was, which was fairly obvious. I told the guy where the file was and didn't think much of it, tho I wondered why he called.

I found out months later from someone else who worked there that the system had crashed after I left and they were fishing to see if it sounded like I had anything to do with it. It was a hardware crash which I as a developer couldn't mystimagically create but the guy was paranoid.

I suppose the answers to your questions could depend on his record and how he's perceived.

Was he an egotistical dependancy builder who made people dependant on him to fix things because only he knew how and wouldn't show anyone else, or just a normal person?

I'd consult HR; Did this guy not get any promised raises or bonuses like the guy at the brokerage firm who planted the logic bomb? Has he made any statements about dislike of the company in last couple years? Any major arguments with other depts or people he dislikes?

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Why does everyone assume the worst? It's career suicide!

by dmckay2003 In reply to couldn't hurt

I have been in this situation where I was layed off and immediately my email was locked! I wasn't able to send my farewell email even though I had no hard feelings. I was asked for all the passwords for all of the network appliances and gave my boss the admin password to everything. Even if you do have a grudge against a former employer, it seems to me that it would do you more harm than anything to plant a bomb or cause any loss of productivity. You have to remember that even though it's illegal to say something derogative or make a prospective employer feel like this person would be a bad choice it happens all the time in this industry. Why bother to do all the schooling and all the blood sweat and tears that we as systems and network engineers have to endure to get where we are if were going to destroy our career because of a job that didn't work out? Maybe it's just my age and the 20+ years of doing this that has shown me that making stupid moves like sabotage can end up only in a bad way and can never really pay off. Besides, didn't the question state that he gave notice? I would have to beleive that he is just moving on as we all do when we feel stagnant or need a change.

Just my thoughts>>>>>>>>

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agreed - think of yourself in that position

by jc@dshs In reply to Why does everyone assume ...

I totally agree.
I've been the network admin at my current place of employ for 11 years. I have always done a good job, i am trusted by all the staff here,...You get the picture.
If I decide that financially I can no longer resist the offer of a bigger pay packet (I'm 47, not getting any younger) or a new job with different challenges why would I suddenly overnight turn into the world's biggest security risk? I have always been totally professional in my approach with this company so why should that change all of a sudden?

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Richard's Law, #37

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to agreed - think of yoursel ...

...a person expects others to do what he would do in the same situation.

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Got it in one

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Richard's Law, #37

If they bin you they expect you to get dischuffed

If you leave they figure you are dischuffed, they just missed how they managed it.

Personally I would be very offended at the idea, that I would sabotage something before I left.
There again I did a departmental switch at one place, and they found it convenient to leave me with my access, 'just in case'

A month or so later, something went wrong and they rang me up to see what I'd messed about with! Nothing to do with me of course, but I pressured them into removing my old privileges for their cheek.

So it can work both ways.

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I would never jeopardize my career over a job.

by Locrian_Lyric In reply to Got it in one

I also had occasion to demand my accounts to be deleted.

On another note....

I was laid off from a company in 2001, then went back as a consultant in 2006.

Some of my accounts were still there.....


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Me too

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I would never jeopardize ...

Server passwords still the same and sa for the DB....

Good job I'm honest

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In the Midst

by ananeo In reply to Got it in one

I recently gave my two weeks notice, but for some reason nobody expects me to go anywhere, boy are they going to be suprised.
My integrity would not allow me to do something that could ollow me around the industry the rest of my life.
There lost, not mine.

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There's the problem

by Dr Dij In reply to In the Midst

some people DON'T think it will follow them around. What with companies afraid to give bad ref to anyone. And not everyoen is good or will do the right thing.. Some good books on insider theft of data also mention how to handle incidents of system and data destruction.

And I was saying in orig post to evaluate each person. e.g. do they have a history of complaining or disciplinary action, previous threats to quit, layoffs, turned down for promo or bonus, or other reasons to commit destructive acts?

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Richard's Law

by ImNotLisa In reply to Richard's Law, #37

that's a scary thought.

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