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When are our Favorites going to be enabled again?

By Al S ·
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Is the site ever going to address getting subscribers back their saved articles, favorites etc? It's looking like they owners just want us to go away.

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At present, there is no definitive timeline,

though I've been told the engineering staff is working on this as well as other bugs. I report them when made aware of them, so at least that step has been taken. As the engineering staff is spread over not only TechRepublic but other CBS Interactive sites (such as ZDNet, Smart Planet, it may take a bit of time before bugs are squashed. Thank you for the alert on this issue, it's been reported. Your patience is appreciated!

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TR Engineers have rolled out an update,

and your Favorites may be working again. Hopefully...though some old links may not have gotten carried over, so you may have to add them back.

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