When booting up...

By lizzy0921 ·
When booting up another system the screen flashes "Thermo". Could this be the monitor, video card, maybe the fan is bad? I've checked the cables and connections already.

THe system isn't all that old..maybe 2 years (Dell).

Thanks for any help or insight :)


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More details?

by toughguy000 In reply to When booting up...

Is this a custom built PC? or is it a clone from dell? What model is it? What are your computers specs? Have you made any recent changes to your system? Open up the system, when you boot are all the fans running? Are you getting any boot error beep codes? If it's a dell what lights are lit on the back after POST?

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I have to agree with the previous poster a lot more

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to When booting up...

Details are needed here. As well as the previously listed items what does the word Thermo Look like a company Logo or is it just plain text?

When does this flash on the screen during the BIOS part or while Windows is loading?

This could be anything from a Custom BIOS Chip to an OPK Install of the OS or it could be related to a hardware problem. The possibilities are just about endless here and without a lot more information it's impossible to answer.

Has this just started to happen or has it been happening all the time?

As you say When Booting up another system the screen flashes "Thermo". what exactly do you mean by this? Is this a different computer connected through a KMV Switch or what?


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Try this stupid action if you don't mind

by jamesmondtan In reply to When booting up...

Try seperate 2 monitor more space, and make sure there is no iron items nearby. Can also try another working monitor.Suspect is monitor problem.

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by forrest.parker In reply to When booting up...

If it is a GX270, Call Dell Tech Support. There is a recall on the GX270 motherboards.

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