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When did TR throw away our Images? What else has been stuffed up?

By Deadly Ernest ·
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Many moons ago I uploaded a photo of myself to TR to use as my Avatar - today I noticed it's no longer there. When did this happen? It makes it harder to find my posts in a thread.

Also, when I went to the profile to see if I can reload it there is NO option to do so. What's there is a note about going to another site, creating another log on and then building an avatar - why do i need to go through that crap? I don't so I won't. I bet I'm not the only one not loading and avatar because TR have made it too much of a hassle to do so.

Participating on TR is no about ten times harder than it was three years ago. No longer can I leave the discussion page open in my browser and just pop over to have a look, no longer can I go to a discussion page and see the discussions - either I have them buried under a ton of ads. To get around this garbage I have to play with my security setting just to log in - the result is instead of checking and commenting every time I've got a moment, I only visit when I have a spare half an hour to play around as it isn't worth the effort anymore. Don't TR want us to interact anymore?

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What else?

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to When did TR throw away ou ...

You name it. Shouldn't take you long to find most of the obvious.

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You didn't notice last time you dropped in?

by seanferd In reply to When did TR throw away ou ...

Yeah, one must use Gravatar now to have an avatar. I practically shat a brick as I already had a Gravatar account, and TR automagically went ahead and used it. Call that convenience, 'cause I don't.

Loads of people don't have avatars for this reason. Obviously not convenient that way, either.

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by Jaqui In reply to When did TR throw away ou ...

and I told them when I noticed, nope, a logon for gravitar to have an av on TR ain't gonna happen.
that type of consume web services is an idiocy I don't buy into.

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Neither do I, if it isn't done on the site by the site it gets killed by me

by Deadly Ernest In reply to lol

I do NOT allow any third party crap through - this is TR and my system blocks lots of stuff from bnet, zdnet, cbsinteractive, imworldwide come, google-ANALytics and other third party stuff when I visit TR. As it is I have to turn off certain security setting just to be able to log in now.

I'm also waiting for someone to tell me why they designed the site so I have to tell the morons TWICE when I want to log out. I used to tell everyone I knew to go to TR as it's a great tech site - not any more. It's so hard to use that I no longer regard it as such. Where I used to log in and leave it open in my browser 24 / 7 and pop over to join in, it's so hard to participate now I only visit every few days when I've got lots of spare time. Even then it's hard to see what's happening as it's buried in ads. The last few sets of changes have really destroyed TR as a nice community gathering place.

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Although I did have a Gravatar account

by Tink! In reply to lol

I find it rather unbecoming of TR to use it. When a site is tech-oriented, highlighting security issues and fixes etc etc, one would think that such a site would not use a third party website/service to host any part of itself, including something as seemingly benign as the avatars.

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Thank you.

by seanferd In reply to Although I did have a Gra ...

I'm so glad someone with the same experience as I thinks the same way about this.

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newsletter settings

by GSG In reply to When did TR throw away ou ...

My newsletter settings magically changed earlier this week. I have everything sent as text, and suddenly, I started getting them all in HTML. I checked out my settings, and sure enough, HTML was selected.

edited because my left hand is moving slower than the right, so pretty much everything was misspelled.

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Actually DE

by Michael Jay In reply to When did TR throw away ou ...

You did not upload your photo to TR as they have never to my knowledge had that option, you just needed to link to an avatar on any website, I and many others used photobucket.

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Not to mention that Gravatar

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to When did TR throw away ou ...

Only accepts jpg images so those GIF Animated Images are no more.

Kind of makes me wonder why we need an account with another complete stranger to do what we always used to with reduced functionality.

Actually sounds like any new version of any M$ Product.


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Hello Deadly Ernest...

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to When did TR throw away ou ...

What browser do you use?
If you use Firefox (update it to 4) then you can use "No script".
No Script cancels out adverts and other stuff you do not need plus it makes the browser more secure because there are no scripts running in the background. I have No script add on with Firefox and i do not have any adverts at all (only if i want them).
Firefox 4:

No Script:

Hope this helps you a bit more with your issue.

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