when do i need to install a microsoft server on my network

By george ·
i have a small office with less than 10 computers,all running client os, can i use one of then as server or when do i need to install a real server with server os?

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Possibly, but I wouldn't recommend it

by cmiller5400 In reply to when do i need to install ...

Win XP pro will only accept 10 inbound connections before it starts rejecting. Win XP Home will only accept 5. Any expansion and you'd be up the creek with out a paddle, as they say.

I'd pony up the money for a server version or look into some flavor of Linux server.

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Depends on what you need here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to when do i need to install ...

As already stated XP Pro will only allow 10 Concurrent Connections so that's the limiting factor here.

XP Home or Media Center will only accept 5 Concurrent Connections and Home Can Not be added to a Domain so if you are using XP Home you are in a bit of trouble. As for Media Center I'm not sure as I've never actually ever used one of those but I believe that it behaves the same as Home when referring to networks and Domain Applications.

If your business is not likely to grow any larger you can use one XP System to Store Data on but you'll need to have a very good Disaster Management protocol in place to prevent Data Loss from just about any event.

You can always use some form of Server Linux which doesn't have the Licensing Issues that the Windows Server OS's do and they don't require CAL's or so on. You can even add Home to a Nix Server but you do have to Install and Run Samba on the Nix machine.

Using a Nix Server has quite a few advantages over Windows Servers the obvious one being cost of the OS though Support Costs for a Nix and Windows OS are about the same if you are in the market for a Support Contract.

Thew other thing is that Nix Servers do not have a preset Upper Concurrent Connection Limit and do not require additional License Fees to be paid. Currently SBS2008 comes with 5 CAL's and if you need to connect any more computers you need to buy additional CAL's to the upper number of Concurrent Connections.

Nix Servers also do not need to be as powerful as Windows Servers so you can do more with Less Hardware on a Nix Controlled LAN.

Only real problem is if there are Compliencing Issues which require that you run a Windows Server for your business.


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