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    When do I tell them?


    by fester_ml ·

    I am currently working a contract position for a large company with an oppurtunity to go permanent. The contract was 6 months and will end in about 5 weeks, at which time I will be offered a permanent position. At about 3 months I was asked if I still wanted the permanent position and at that time I did, but now I know that I do not. I am currently on a project that I am the sole technical resource for and I am about to start another long term project that will involve a lot of interaction with vendors. Should I tell my employer that I dont plan on taking a permanent position in case they want to have someone who is permanent start this new project or do I wait until they offer me the permanent position and then decline?

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      by oldefar ·

      In reply to When do I tell them?

      I admire your ethics, but I would not recommend turning down an offer that hasn’t been made. Things can change, and that permament position may be off the table now.

      If the opportunity presents itself to mention that next long term opportunity coming up, this would be good.

      You might also simply ask what the plan is after the current contract is up. If they say they want you to stay on as an employee, you could then decline.

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      by oz_media ·

      In reply to When do I tell them?

      I assume that money is your main objective, even if you feel the other job may offer more in the way of your interests. People VERY rarely take a job just because it’s what they want to do.

      If you really wanted to do somthing you are more interested in, you’d do it yourself instead of for another company, I hope.

      I’m not saying work for money, but I don’t think anyone would work 9-5 for somebody just because they enjoy it, you have rent/mortgage, bills to pay etc. This is why the human race is forced to work for a paycheck.

      So..with that said, do you know the salary you’d be offered to stay where you are? If the opther company offers more money, pehapse your current employer will match it. It can be a scary and insecure position to take but if you’re worth it, the company will buckle and pay up accordingly.

      As for WHEN to tell them, I’d hold out until either one or the other were finalized. The other company may change plans, it happens quite often, if you’ve already declined promotion at your current emloyer, they may not be interested in promoting you if the second job falls through, especially if you’ve shown disinterest with the company by looking elsewhere.

      You’re thinking morally which is nice to see but in the world of business morals are few and far between. I wouldn’t give them a reason to NOT hire you permanently. Just sit back and do your job,when something else is offered to you, weigh the benefits and make a decision. Hopefully, if your NEW employer makes an offer, they will have the patience and see your honor in providing your current employer with the neede notice.

      this will look good to a new employer because it shows that even though you are going elsewhere, you still respect the company enough to give them proper notice and work according to your contracts obligations.

      Mum’s the word.

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      They already did offer. . .

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to When do I tell them?

      ….the permanent position, and you accepted the offer, or so you stated in the first part of your question. It may not have been a “formal” offer, per se, but you did give them an indication of your desires – and that was to remain. Personally, I’d tell them about my change of heart.

      If you were in their position, how would you want that person (you) to handle it? There’s your answer.

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