When do you use the recoveru partition on your hard drive

By aloum ·
Am working on gettin a vista certification. i still dont know what the recovery partiton is used for or when to use it.

and a follow up question is- whats the difference between a recovery console and a recovery partition

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RE: "..dont know what the recovery partiton is used for"..

by OldER Mycroft In reply to When do you use the recov ...

Well, sorry to have to tell you, but you're never going to achieve ANY form of Certification, if you cannot read.

What do you suppose a Search & Rescue Helicopter is for?

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Recovery 101

by gregrocker In reply to When do you use the recov ...

The recovery console is the "Repair my Computer" choice on the Install disk and is also available on the Repair Disk and via F8 where Win7 installs the 200mb hidden boot/recovery tools partition.

A factory "recovery partition" is normally a backup image used for reinstallation including all of the dreaded bloatware which is perhaps the single greatest hit on performance.

Advanced users will often use an OEM disk of the same OS version to clean reinstall the OS without the bloatware. In this case the recovery partition can be deleted via Disk Management or a special override command in Diskpart.

Be aware that the few actually valuable apps which are included in the recovery partition (Works, Java, Adobe, Flash, etc.) will need to be replaced on your own since manufacturers have wrapped them tightly within the bloatware and will not likely provide them singly, or support clean reinstalls or provide a clean OEM O.S. copy. Don't divulge, just ask what they're offering.

You can create an image of your complete clean-install and store it externally or even make your own recovery (primary) partition which Win7 will recognize for recovery imaging. I have them on all of my computers and use them when necessary to restore the HDD image in about 20 minutes.

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