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When Honesty Fails

By FluxIt ·
There have been many discussions on ethics and I would like to take a few moments to discuss honesty and openess. Recently, while riding in the car with my boss, he remarked that my problem is I am too honest. I put the truth out there and deal withit. His point was that many people feel by doing this I am telling others how to do there job or I am getting too close to thier sacred territory. This is manifested in an informal slogan running around stating, Tell me what you want but do not tellme how to do it. Many staff member barf this up routinely.

The slogan's intended purpose is to demark territorial boundaries and in technology there are no real boundaries because it overlaps into everything. This is compounded by the fact that Iam versed in many areas of a business and can carry conversations above novice level on most aspects. So I tend to see a bigger picture than most people. Additionally, I am able to spot weakness in many proposals and usually seek to streamline and strengthen the systems. In my mind I am always running scenarios, keep all kinds of tid bits around, and constantly look for ways to leverage technology.

I most always seek to soften my ideas and leverage off the initially proposal. Nonetheless, at times this tends to threaten people in my estimation and they ardently defend thier position.

If honesty is the best medicine, how come there seems to be so much gagging, hacking, and wheezing? I wonder if at times people just want to be sick.

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by FluxIt In reply to When Honesty Fails

I needed to control four different browser windows on one computer and three 6 foot screens. The technology department and programmers told me it was impossible. My boss said it would be difficult to get funding approved since it was only a good idea.

I know that MS Windows, except for NT, can support several video cards. Javascript and VB can support controls for different windows. In short, I could script a web page in which one page controls the other 3 windows in which information is displayed. This way someone could sit at a computer and control the asp pages being shown on the 3 6 foot displays.

I scripted a demo page but did not have a machine to show the multi-video card approach. People began digging in and fighting more exclaiming I was telling them how to do thier jobs.

There were ardent and heated discussions. Every flaw was drawn out. The programmers, I should point out these guys only use RAD packages and most do not know the business end of coding, fought it. They issue was it was a coding nightmare and difficult to support.

To-date we still have our need and no one has a solution.

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Hate to point this out to you...But

by radiic In reply to Example...

You were wrong when you said that NT didnt support Multiple Video Output. Actually because of Win NT 4.0 WS coming out with the ability to do it in the first place (although it was a nightmare finding video cards that would do it) it did work. After the boys in the NT world made it happen the boys that were working on W98 s/e included the concept into theres and then all latter releases like 2k and xp.

The concept has been around for quite a while and NT does it good. Best example i can give you is at our sheriffs office With their CAD system (Computer Aided Dispatch) not the other cad. They have a 2 displays one with incoming calls to dispatch and one with status of Units on call. Works real well and runs on NT 4.0 W/S Trust me Iknow.


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Been there

by James R Linn In reply to Hate to point this out to ...

When I was with a telecom giant, there was a big switch from Macs to PCs, and one of the big compaints was that they couldn't get 2 monitors. (In a Mac you couldn have 2 very different cards and monitors and it handled it very gracefully).

With alittle research the solution I recommended was to use 2 Matrox cards. There were dualhead cards at the time, but they were high end cards for CADD work and not practical to put on hundreds of desktops. The Matrox solution worked fine. And at the time the OS was NT4.


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you are talking hardware

by FluxIt In reply to Hate to point this out to ...

Its true NT can have multiple video outs. It is purely a hardware solution and minimizes the software drivers to one. I have seen the card that has several 15 pin vga outs.

The other windows products have individual video cards and multiple drivers that can be installed.

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Give Me a Break

by mdelyea In reply to When Honesty Fails

Sounds like the BOSS is finally realizing your actual worth to the company. This puts you in a good negotiating position come contract time. When it comes to honesty, I am brutal. I will tell a client, in no uncertain terms, the reason their computer isn't working is because they don't know how to operate it correctly. However, even I know that a little diplomacy is worth a lot, so my actual words are not so harsh. You should take the same approach when negotiating! Know your limits! Be confident in you area of expertise, and keep your eye out for better oppotunities.

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by FluxIt In reply to Give Me a Break

Negotiating is not really an issue. I use diplomacy, strive to leverage others efforts giving them credit, and seek to understand. The issue is making progress when the truth is not accepted and when being honest is seen through a kaliescope confusing the issues.

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Kaliescopes of truth

by FluxIt In reply to When Honesty Fails

The truth tends to be seen through a kaliescope confusing the issues.

In many ways, people tend to have small minds and a narrow focus. They lose sight of anything beyond 3 inches from thier nose. They have family issues and personal issues before they even come to work. Many have thier own agendas at work.

One router manager is extremely arrogant. His mind set is that everyone is an idiot and only his way of thinking is right. In fact, he refuses to even acknowledge people frequently when they talk to him. When pressed to talk he will refer people to others.

While implementing a WAN management cell, I had to work closely with him and it was like talking to a stonewall. I knew what I needed and even knew the correct technical solutions. Whenever I suggested these solutions he ignored me. Things moved really slow. There was no feedback. I had to milk the cow to get any information from him and he would just stare at the wall with his back to me telling me only what he thoughtI needed to know. Very terse answers.

I needed to have end-to-end information resolution and in his mind all I needed was to the router. This was like running 99 yards and stopping. Moreover, he fought ardently for just that.

One might think he has a high IQ and he may even think that he does. But I never saw any genius in him. In fact, I saw quite the opposite having known many who have IQ's beyond 160 including my own father.

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To be honest

by James R Linn In reply to Kaliescopes of truth

I've struggled with many of the same issues in the past.

What I've learned is that I have to focus on helping the customer/peer come to the same logical conclusion as I came to. This often requires a great deal of empathy - being able to put yourself in the other person's position. It also requires you to be very open to exploring the other issues and or solutions before presenting yours.

You might want to try the 7 Habits of Highly effective people books and/or courses. One of the habitsis seeking first to understand, then to be understood, which has helped me alot.


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And dont be bragging on IQ

by James R Linn In reply to Kaliescopes of truth

It alienates people.

Plus it doesn't mean anything in many circumstances - Einstein was one of the brightest men of the last century and he couldn't play the violin, and had trouble in school.

One of the most challenging Project Managers I mentor has a PhD.


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no bragging

by FluxIt In reply to And dont be bragging on I ...

I think you misread that. The guy thinks in his mind he is a genius. I know different not because I have a high IQ but because I have known Einstien types.

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