When I strat the notebook ask me the bios password

By angelsofgrace2006 ·
I don't known what happened with my notebook pavillon HP, when I strat the notebook ask me the bios password and don't allow me introduce any cd or anything.
How can i fixed that?

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There's a setting

by XT John In reply to When I strat the notebook ...

in the BIOS for a power on password. Someone had to enable this. You'll need to get into the BIOS setup at bootup; before the operating system loads, and disable the require password on bootup option. It's in a different place and worded differently on most machines, but look for words to that affect.

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It's impossible

by angelsofgrace2006 In reply to There's a setting

Thank you John for your help but the pc don't assume F10, F12 or ESC and don't allow me introduce CD's. Give me the screen with Power on password and I don't know how this happened.

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by Dr Dij In reply to It's impossible

you are asking about a stolen notebook and trying to get in,

or someone did this to creep you out, by changing the unprotected notebook, when you left it sitting in public unattended, such as at a library or coffeeshop hot spot.

They would have re-strated [sic] your notebook and went into bios and setup a password, which you should have done instead to prevent this from happening, and to keep people out of your personal info if the noteboke waas stollen from yo.

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contact the manufacturer

by w2ktechman In reply to When I strat the notebook ...

there can be a number of ways to correct the issue. The manufacturer should be able to instruct you on how to do it or recommend a service provider for this.

Dont be fooled, they will check the serial # against stolen equip.

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